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Newbie DR/migration test - Restored DB ok but fail to connect using baclient GUI


First, I did some reading in this forum and gathered as much information as I could and it helped me alot understanding stuff more than IBM doc most of the time.
Second, english is not my native language so be kind with me on that part.

I'm a TSM newbie and I'm doing DR/migration test for TSM 6.1, if I can sucessfully DR my original setup I will format/install w2k8r2 on the w2k3 box.

Here is my setup:
Original TSM: Physical --> win2k3 32 bit --> TSM 6.1.03 32bit--> Devclass file + Ts 3573 Tape library
DR TSM: VmWare VM--> win2k8r2 64 bit --> TSM 6.1.04 64bit--> Devclass file

Here is what I did, installed TSM in DR VM (VM-TSMLVL4), ran initial configuration wizard in standard mode, defined a node password, etc. all was fine. Installed BA client with admin command line. Initialised baclient using GUI. Connected as admin with default password, updated password and created new admin account. Defined a devclass file BDBACKUP2.

On original TSM I ran these command:

define devclass DBBACKUP2 devtype=file directory=E:\TSMLVL_DB maxcapacity=4G
backup db devclass=dbbackup2 type=full

Used FTP software to move the backup DB + dsmserv.opt + devconfig.out + volhist.out to new DR server.

On DR VM, stop tsm server1 service then command line: dsmserv.exe restore db todate=today
Got a few warning on screen about library DLL and other stuff but all completed succesfully.

I started tsm Server1 service and can connect to administrative command line (I get error when I try to change DRM file status about server not in compliance with License terms.)
Next problem appear when I launch the ba Client GUI it tries to connect to the original node VM-TSMLV4 and ask for password, I tried entering the node password that was working before and it didn't work (expected since DB was restored my logic says that node should be original node name). I tried entering the original TSM server node name: TSMLVL1 without a password or with the admin password but it doesn't work.

Problem is that on the original TSM I never entered any password to connect using the GUI, on the connection information when the GUI is connected I see:
Type: windows
Archive retention: no

Authorization information
Authority level: client owner
Delete backup files: "YES"
Delete Archive files: "YES"
Deduplication: "Server Only"

Any pointer from there would be appreciated.


ADSM.ORG Moderator

2cents - what can you see in the TSM server console (or dsmadmc -console) - why is the session rejected? Is it possible the server is disabled for client access? In that case use "enable sess" command.
Both node password and admin password should work.



Thanks, opening the console gave me some hint on what was going on... node not defined. When I finally had the good node name I saw access denied... I had to reset the node password using the update node tsmlvl1 NewPass
After that I was able to connect to the node using the BA client, since my dsm.opt is set with passwordaccess generate, I then ran the command update node tsmlvl1 forcepwreset=yes
node my BA client generated itself a new password to access the node.


2cents - what can you see in the TSM server console (or dsmadmc -console) - why is the session rejected? Is it possible the server is disabled for client access? In that case use "enable sess" command.
Both node password and admin password should work.

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