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New to TSM - Where to start learning?


Active Newcomer
Hello all,

I'm a new TSM Admin (as often happens they patted me on the shoulder saying "Congratulations you will take care of it from now on") and would need some help start properly learning the product.

At the current stage formal training is out of discussion so I will have to do with Redbooks and publicly available documentation and a lab.

I've done some work to download and search for books but the amount of documentation available is so high I am confused on where to start and what could be useful and what could be skipped and was wondering if anybody could point me in the right direction just to get started and move my first steps.

Version of interest for me would be 6.3 and 7.1 in case this bit of information does make any sense.

Thanks in advance for any help!


ADSM.ORG Moderator
Not sure which redbooks that you have.

TSM Concepts

TSM Implementation

TSM Suport Page - Lots of info

TSM Manuals

Support training videos released for Tivoli Storage Manager v7.1.1

IBM Education Assist - Tivoli Storage Manager <- There are some old stuff. For the TSM Client 5.X the concepts are still the same. Since TSM Server v6.X is using a DB2 database, would ignore the TSM Server v5.X regarding the database.


Good Luck,


Active Newcomer

thanks a lot for all the valuable links, it seems I've got some reading ahead :) Apart from the first link, which I was not sure if was still valid or not, I don't have any other so all information will prove indeed precious!

I really appreciate your time to answer and I'm sure you will see more of my silly posts around the forums as I already know I'll face issues/challenges while building some knowledge.

Again thanks a lot!


ADSM.ORG Moderator
The "concepts" are still valid. Keep in mind that TSM Server v5.X use a proprietary database and with TSM Server V6.X use a DB2 database.

IBM change the TSM Support Page where you can find things quickly.

Take a look at the Education Assist and the YouTube Channel.

Hopefully you have a test system where you can install the TSM Server and Client so that you can mess around.

We've all been were you are currently at.

Good Luck,


Active Newcomer
Yes I'm lucky enough to run a full scale lab, my main occupation in theory should be taking care of all that goes under the private cloud name so I do have lot of equipment to mess with all I miss is a tape library but maybe I can live without it.

Ok I'm going to download all the files you've linked and talking of libraries I'm going to fix (at least try) a TSM which is not checking in tapes... I'm sure somewhere along the line something terribly wrong :p

Again thanks!


ADSM.ORG Senior Member
there is an opensource free VTL application that runs on Linux called mhvtl that you can use to emulate tape hardware with for testing/educational purposes.

this is a good way to learn about devices and TSM...but remember, it's not for production environments.


Active Newcomer

I've checked out the site and this is a welcome addition to my small lab :) I planned to do everything via iSCSI targets but this is changing everything for the better.

Many many thanks for letting me know the existence of this fantastic application hopefully it will help me reach a decent proficiency level with TSM.

Im new to TSM to, and also wants get to know TSM better.
It would primarily be the Client setup.

Im wondering if there is any Video guids, like CBT Nuggets or Train signal?


ADSM.ORG Moderator

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