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Need urgent help reg networker issue


I am facing the a issue for legato networker.

Error: NetWorker media: (alert) Waiting for 1 writable volumes to backup
pool 'PCE ALGERIA' tape(s) on jv1hmdts01

That would be really great if you could provide any information on how to
resolve it as my production systems are running without back.
I am very new with legato and havent got any experience with it.
I am using legato networker 7.4 with sp2 on rhel 4
i have tried restarting the service of networker on server and still have
the same issue

restarting: */etc/init.d/networker stop --> /etc/init.d/networker start*

Getting excatly same error apart from change in machine name any help would be really great.

Any suggestions will be great.

Is the volume healthy ? Has the volume ever mounted? Check the daemon.log for any messages on this volume.
Hi Hema,
Thanks for replying. [FONT=&quot]This is what i did yesterday. First stopped all 4 groups that were running from 2 days and then run nsrjb -Hv command to reboot the robot. After this i have restarted the networker service and left the groups to restart autmatically on the next scheduled run.[/FONT]

But still getting the same error: Error: NetWorker media: (alert) Waiting for 1 writable volumes to backup
pool 'PCE ALGERIA' tape(s) on jv1hmdts01 device status.PNG group details.PNG

I have check my device if its enable or not and check my groups if it has started or not. I have attached some screenshots for reference.
Any advice will be great as my production systems are running with out back up. I have tried to mount the tape manually and at the end its coming as A00064L4(mounted/write protected) any suggestions on how to chnage it to mounted alone so that it should able to rewrite

per your screenshot all the volumes are FULL. If that is true add more tapes or destory a tape (if it is over your retention policy). If you suspect that this is NOT true then go into the MEDIA - Tape VOLUMES area and set each one as appendable one at a time. If the tapes are going prematurely full there might be another issue causing that which might be related to, in my experience, tape positioning.


Have you tried labeling your volumes manually. Because from what I see in your screenshots, almost all except a couple of them are in a recyclable mode.

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