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"MM EDV GmbH" announces the new FREEWARE version of the "Power Administrator for TSM"


This new tool provides a full administration and management GUI for one or many TSM servers (tested with more than 20 TSM servers simultaneously).

What you will get is simplified administration and a perfect overview with the following functions:

A sophisticated monitoring engine, calendar based scheduling and event management, simultaneous multi server administration, advanced command line with thesaurus multiplex filter (support of "Regular Expressions") and SQL builder, realtime status views, TSM script GUI extension language, a “TSM 5.5 alike” Operational Reporting with e-mail support and further functions are available for free.

If you have further questions or any comments, please have a look to our home site: http://www.tsmpoweradmin.com

[email protected]

ADSM.ORG Senior Member
Hallo Jonathan274,

thank you for your interest in our Power Administrator for TSM!

Yes, you can purchase support and/or SW license (according to EULA) also in USD.
For price calculation / conversion we will use an official exchange rate from citibank and - depending on the amount - also
charge the bank transaction fees.

If you need more information pls let me know.
rgds mikel
p.s.: International TSM Symposium 2013 - September in Berlin, capital of germany - yes, we are there! stand 08 --> see our web site

[email protected]

ADSM.ORG Senior Member
Fyi, we just published the new TSM Power Administrator FREEWARE and Professional version 4.1 for download.

What’ new?
Improved startup performance and a lot of usability enhancements.
Please have a look to:
and/or the “Patch-History” section of the
download page: http://www.mm-it.at/en/pa_download_en.html

How to install?
If you already are using the freeware or professional edition:
Stop all PA activity-windows and just install the new version and follow the instructions.
That’s it.

Thank you very much for your attention!
rgds mikel

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