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Millions of files - perhaps NDMP???

Discussion in 'NDMP' started by kevlee, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. kevlee

    kevlee New Member

    Oct 28, 2010
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    Have EMC Celerra, millions of files and use NDMP via TSM to perform filesystem backups. Very happy with NDMP solution (much quicker than incrementals and far easier on TSM dbase).

    Have another project, currently windows NAS, which will use millions of files, would like to use NDMP for long term retention monthly archives. Will require much cheaper storage solution. Has anyone used other storage solutions with NDMP/TSM. What about NetApp? HP NAS? smaller systems from the majors (IBM,HDS,EMC). Any advice, experience, comments would be appreciated. Thanks.

    Also, anyone direct me to full list of storage hardware that can use NDMP via TSM. Have looked on websites but can't seem to find a specific list other than the celerra and netApp devices.
  3. Harry_Redl

    Harry_Redl Moderator

    Dec 29, 2003
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    IT Consultant
    Czech Republic

    have experience with TSM and NetApp filers (IBM nSeries NAS is the same thing - just rebranded). Few pointers:

    a) backup of millions of files is fast - restore can be VERY slow. See this thread I have started before:

    b) if you do not need a single file restore, then you can use SnapMirror-to-tape variant of NDMP (for NetApp/nSeries filers only)
    It is real block-level backup - very fast - both backup and restore.
    Can do full backups only.

    c) do not forget that NDMP backups can be restored to COMPATIBLE devices ONLY - so if you need to keep 5yrs of archives then you have to keep similar device around for 5yrs (so no easy switching ....)

    Hope it helps


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