Migrating long-term backups out of TSM and back them up on Networker 19.3


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Nov 25, 2020
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i am looking for a process or tool to move long-term backups out of TSM to Networker 19.3 backups.

I read about the TSM's b-tree architecture to store backup data. TSM using Inc.-versioning versus Networker using Full-Inc/diff.
I am reaching out hoping to find a "process" -or ideally a tool!- so we avoid restoring data to shares (300s) and then backup to Networker -or it is the only choice? For Databases get more involved needing to DB2, SQL, Oracle and SAP.

I would like to know if it is at all possible to "migrate" a TSM database/metadata/catalogs to the Networker nsr environment 19.3.
Thank you for your feedback -much appreciate it-
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Thank you for your response - in the mean time, hoping to find others who have done it, tools, hints, etc.
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Thank you for your response - we are exploring using the export option (to at least move backup to a new hardware); however, TSM logic/backup tool will be needed to restore the data - we are testing it this week
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Hi @mikeymac,
regarding your question about TSM version, you are right - this version is way back on time.
Here the version details from the login session:
ADSTAR Distributed Storage Manager
Command Line Administrative Interface - Version 3, Release 1, Level 0.6
(C) Copyright IBM Corporation, 1990, 1997, All Rights Reserved.
Session established with server TSMServer01: AIX
Server Version 6, Release 3, Level 4.300 <-- this is probably the pSeries 570 AIX Version

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thank you - i am so close to get resolved. I am missing how to recognize a data domain mount by TSM - would you recall the clicks? or CLIs - much appreciate it. Nasri
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Thank you!... in fact, you are correct - that is the right track to solution.

i would like to share the commands i used to far and, listed below a burning question -in case you have some suggestions- great! - thank you for feedback

In order to see my NFS on my Data Domain, i needed to use the "Directory=" definition to pin-pint the NFS share on my Data Domain 9300 -else, it will write to the default share which is the local TSM installation or where the root admin login- so, the fixing command is:

adsm> update devclass db19300 Directory=/dd19300/tsmahoc01/db19300/

I run an "export" test from TSM and i am writing to the new directory -which it is an NFS mount created on a Data Domain 9300-

Here it is the burning question: I created the Device Class "DB19300" using CLI:
ANR2203I Device class DB19300 defined.
Then, i defined the storage pool "DB19300" using TSM GUI.

here the CLI outputs:
adsm> query devclass db19300
Device Device Storage Device Format Est/Max Mount
Class Access Pool Type Capacity Limit
Name Strategy Count (MB)
--------- ---------- ------- --------- ------ -------- ------
DB19300 Sequential 1 FILE DRIVE 102,400. 0 100

adsm> query stgpool db19300
Storage Device Estimated Pct Pct High Low Next
Pool Name Class Name Capacity Util Migr Mig Mig Storage
Pct Pct Pool
----------- ---------- ---------- ----- ----- ---- --- -----------
DB19300 DB19300 0.0 M 0.0 100.0 90 70

My goal is to be able to use the "Export" feature to Export Client's backed up data to the new StgPool "DB19300" (located on an NFS on a new Data Domain 9300).

Please notice the "Est/Max Capacity (MB)" for the "DB19300" set to the "MAXCAPACITY=100G" (or 102,400.0 MB) i entered.

--> If i "export" a node with 850GigaBytes of data, will TSM create "additional" volume.EXP files until all client's backed up data is exported? in this example, the NFS mount will ended up having 8 "<xyz-number123+n>.exp" files plus the last "<xyz-number123+n>.EXP" file being used to about 50% equals 850GigaBytes. There will be a total of 9 Export files. right?

Is my DevClass "DB19300" and StgPool "DB19300" setup to do this Export (automatically)?

Or, do i need to define the DevClass with "MAXCAPACITY= 900G"? to accommodate this client. I would expect (the prefer choice) TSM create "automatically" additional Export files until all client's backed up is exported (complete the export - just like backups create new .BFS volume files)

Thank you very much for your response.

if easier, my cellular: +001.586.922.9150

For reference, please find attached a compared of the Storage Pool and Device Class of a currently in use BD1 to the new "DB19300" i created here.



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hi - thank you for response - we are no using NetBackup. We just want to move all the "old backups" (or all backed up data with "long-term" retention) from an old Data Domain 990 to a new Data Domain 9300.

We will keep the TSM running on the background and import the Exported Backed up Data from the 9300 into TSM to restore anything -as needed- but data/metadata/catalog is on the new 9300 disks.

I just run the query Export Command, here the output - what could you please share from this output? thank you:
++++ begin++++
adsm> q export

Export identifier Start Date Status Process Command
-------------------- ---------- ------------- ------- -------------------------
EXPORT_NODE_4076 08/07/2015 Suspended export node
12:30:57 miahcgww12_tdp

adsm> q export format=Detailed

Export identifier: EXPORT_NODE_4076
Start Date: 08/07/2015 12:30:57
Status: Suspended
Process Number:
Command: export node miahcgww12_tdp toserver=tsmahoc02 mergefilespaces=yes previewimport=no filedata=all
Phase: File list complete. Exporting eligible files
Total running time: 0 Day(s) 0 Hour(s) 0 Minute(s)
Current Process Running Time:
Export Operation Restart Count: 0
Date and Time of Last Restart:
Date and Time of Last Suspend:
Policy Domains Exported: 0
Policy Sets Exported: 0
Schedules Exported: 0
Mgmt Classes Exported: 0
Copy Groups Exported: 0
Administrators Exported: 0
Option Sets Exported: 1
Node Definitions Exported: 1
Filespace Definitions Exported: 1
Archive Files Exported: 0
Backup Files Exported: 917
Space Managed Files Exported: 0
Archive Files Skipped: 0
Backup Files Skipped: 0
Space Managed Files Skipped: 0
Total Bytes Transferred (MB): 240.9
Total Files to Transfer: 1,639
Files Remaining: 722

++++ end +++++

thank you,

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Thank you - we are using Data Domains for Export - I run another test and data/export is working - status successful!.... yeaahhh!
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hi, question hoping you can please brighten my day: My Export command is working and i can see the .EXP files being written to the new Data Domain.
From my TSM adsm> command line, how can i list the .EXP volumes being written to the Data Domain? for example: adsm> query vol * devclass=DD9300EXPLOC

I am able to see volumes for DB1 but where the the .EXP volumes?
please see attached images - i compared Device Classes: DB1 and DD9300EXPLOC

Thank you very much for your response,



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