Migrate (move) data from container pool to a new hardware


Mar 28, 2014
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I need to add new disks from new backend storage, and need to migrate existing backup data from single storage pool (multiple stg pool dirs).

I found this: https://www.ibm.com/support/pages/migrate-data-container-pool-new-hardware

But I have thousands of containers, and doing that manually will take forever. Not sure how to script it either.

Any other way to move this data to a new stg pool dir within same container?
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For AIX, you can do quite alot using disk subsystem commands. I would guess the same applies to other operating systems too.

Some storage systems allow you to migrate luns from one system to another. IBM will allow you to mount a foreign lun, and then move it in flight (svc functionanlity).

If you can share some more info, like OS/hardware plattform, source storage and destination storage, then we may give more accurate info.
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I know, I've started migratepv to move data, but I was wondering if there's a way to do it from the application side in case I need to do it on Windows, and have no option to do it via storage mechanisms.
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I have used the process of adding stgpooldir's on new storage, and setting the old ones to reado. Leave it for a while to let new chunks to be written to new area. Then, I use a select statement to find containers that I can quickly get rid of:

select FREE_SPACE_MB,'move container '||cast(container_name as char(40)) from containers where STGPOOLDIR_NAME like '/tsm/oldstgpooldirs/%' and STATE='AVAILABLE' order by FREE_SPACE_MB  desc

Modify to suit your disk layout. Then you can focus on clearing out the low hanging fruits first.

Make no mistake, it will take time.