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Merging tape libraries



We currently have a number of TSM servers, all servers are attached to the same physical tape library, which is then logically split along these lines for various historical reasons, simplified example:

Logical Lib1
TSM01 = Library manager
TSM02 = Library client of TSM01

Logical Lib2
TSM03 = Library manager
TSM04 = Library client of TSM03

A lot of the environment is being refreshed and what we would like to end up with is something that looks like this:

Logical LibX
TSM01 = Library manager
TSM02 = Library client of TSM01
TSM03 = Library client of TSM01
TSM04 = Library client of TSM01

Could people offer a little assistance with the detailed steps of how we could consolidate into the setup as above please, we're slightly struggling to get the process thrashed out in such a way that we don't miss anything.


ADSM.ORG Moderator
you are going to delete all your libraries (on all servers) as you are going to merge the logical partitions so the number of slots (elements) is going to change as well as element addresses for the drives etc.
When deleting the libraries in TSM do not be afraid - data is still kept (libraries contain "libvolumes" but your data is written to "volumes" - part of storage pools)

So the overview
a) delete all the libraries on library clients
b) delete all the paths to drives, drives, path to libraries and libraries itself on library managers
c) merge the logical libraries on the physical library (I suppose you would need to delete both Lib1 and Lib2 and define LibX)
d) define the library, path to library, drives, path to drives on the TSM01 (the only library manager in this setup)
e) check in all the tapes for this library (scratch tapes first - tapes from TSM03 and 04 will probably be marked as scratch as this moment - private tapes (TSM01, TSM02) later)
f) define the shared libraries on TSM02-04 with primary library manager being TSM01
g) audit library with "checklabel=barcode" from all the library clients (TSM03 and TSM04 should claim its private tapes)
h) update all the tape device classes to point to the new library

Hope it helps



That is perfect, thank you, it seemed like the sort of thing we thought we'd have to do but such a big change does have a tendency to give people the fear so its spot on to hear it from someone else.

The best point you make is 'do not be afraid'! :)

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