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Media Error when Checking in LTO2 Tapes

Discussion in 'Tape / Media Library' started by jonesk@chesterfield.gov, Sep 26, 2005.

  1. jonesk@chesterfield.gov

    jonesk@chesterfield.gov New Member

    Sep 26, 2005
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    AIX 5.2

    STK L700 Library w/6 IBM Ultrium LTO and 2 IBM Ultrium LTO2 drives

    Attempting to use LTO and LTO2 media in one library. I have created a new Device class for the LTO2 tapes. The LTO2 tapes are labeled with LTO2 tape labels. When attempting to label/checkin the new LTO2 tapes, I get the following message:

    ANR8300E I/O error on library L700LIB (OP=00006C03,

    CC=404, KEY=05, ASC=30, ASCQ=00, SENSE=

    .00.0C., Description-

    =Media incompatibility). Refer to Appendix D in the

    'Messages' manual for recommended action.

    Any ideas? Please let me know if you need further info....
  3. eddytrio

    eddytrio New Member

    Jul 19, 2012
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    Was wondering if some have got an answer to this , I am today I am getting same error

    IBM 3584 Library
    Old media LTO1
    New Media LTO1 HP

    ANR8300E I/O error on library LTO_LIBRARY1 (OP=00006C03, CC=404, KEY=05, ASC=30,
    Description=Media incompatibility). Refer to Appendix D in the 'Messages' manua
    l for recommended action.
    ANR8942E Could not move volume PBH005 from slot-element 769 to slot-element 257.
    ANR8841I Remove volume from slot 769 of library LTO_LIBRARY1 at your convenience

    Please let me know how can I checkin new media

    Devc is as below

    Device Class Name: LTO_DEVCLASS
    Device Access Strategy: Sequential
    Storage Pool Count: 13
    Device Type: LTO
    Format: ULTRIUMC
    Est/Max Capacity (MB): 102,400.0
    Mount Limit: DRIVES
    Mount Wait (min): 5
    Mount Retention (min): 1
    Label Prefix: ADSM
    Library: LTO_LIBRARY1
    Server Name:
    Retry Period:
    Retry Interval:
    Last Update by (administrator): ADMIN
  4. anilkumar451

    anilkumar451 New Member

    Nov 14, 2012
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    Hi , I am a newbie for TSM but i reckon i have read about this situation somewhere in books.

    If you are mixing different types of drives and media, configure different device classes: one for each type of media. To specify the exact media type, use the FORMAT parameter in each of the device class definitions. (Do not specify FORMAT=DRIVE). For example, if you are mixing Ultrium Generation 1 and Ultrium Generation 2 drives, specify FORMAT=ULTRIUMC (or ULTRIUM) for the Ultrium Generation 1 device class, and FORMAT=ULTRIUM2C (or ULTRIUM2) for the Ultrium Generation 2 device class.

    Both device classes can point to the same library in which there can be Ultrium Generation 1 and Ultrium Generation 2 drives. The drives will be shared between the two storage pools. One storage pool will use the first device class and Ultrium Generation 1 media exclusively. The other storage pool will use the second device class and Ultrium Generation 2 media exclusively. Because the two storage pools share a single library, Ultrium Generation 1 media can be mounted on Ultrium Generation 2 drives as they become available during mount point processing.

    Apologies if i am wrong, please someone suggest if i am wrong
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2012

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