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licensing points to pvu clarification


I'm doing a TSM license audit atm and need some clarification

if my license document/print out states

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Databases 10 Processor Value Units (PVUs) Annual SW Subscription & Support Renewal
Total points for this item 7,70

Does that mean I have 770 x TSM for DB 10 PVU lic (total 7700 PVU)
or I got 770 PVU units for TSM for DB ??

I am hope it is the first one


Yes i know that link.

And yes i can calculate how many PVU's we should have.

Now i need to reconcile that figure with the License's that was bought. (with the assistance of IBM)

Is each point on the Proof of Entitlement Doc a license (which is what i suspect)
with each license worth 10 PVU's . If this is the case then we are over licensed by about 25000 pvu's

If it is a straight one for one then we are way under licensed. So I just want conformation one way or the other.

I have sent request through to our IBM rep's still waiting for feed back thou.


You can only buy "Annual SW Subscription & Support Renewal" in a bundle of 10 PVU.
Then are 7,70 Total points for this item x 10 PVU = 77 licensed PVU's; but this is strange

Or is the comma in 7,70 wrong and the output say 770 Total points?
Then are 770 Total points for this item x 10 PVU = 7700 licensed PVU's


ADSM.ORG Senior Member
ok... I just want to understand your 7.70 points. if i look my bill from IBM. I have number of Item,desc,points,price.

my number of Item is the number of 10 PVU bundles that we have. ex: 300 item
so 300X10 = 3000 PVU total. If it cost 50 PVU per core, I able to licence 60 cores.

From what i understand, and correct me if i'm wrong, The IBM points are IBM way to know what is your price agreement level is "A,B,C,D,E'" the more you buy, the more you save.. the less you buy the more you pay. so in any way IBM is making money!

so if you have 300 item, you will have 300X7,70=2310 IBM points.

Look at your number of Items on your bill. this will give you the number to licences you have. Or ask you rep. They have the number from PVU you are licences... well my rep have this information...


Sorry, I am still not able to understand this totally.....

For Example: In my paper, If I have

1) Quantity is 240
2) IBM TSM EE 10 PVUs license + SW subscription + support 12mths
(( Also it is written that Total point for this item is 72.00 ))

Does this mean --
--> I have 240 * 72 = 17280 points AND 17280 * 10 = 172800 PVUs licensed


--> I have 240 *72 = 17280 points AND same 17280 PVUs licensed


--> I have 72*10 = 720 PVUs licensed


--> I have 240 * 10 = 2400 PVUs licensed

Please help me to understand this.


The total points listed there is a number IBM use to determin your payment scale.
Quantity that is the number of license you bought.

so it would be
Quantity * 10 = PVU

and the points is just a internal scale used for charging you. The higher your points value
the lower the per unit cost or that is how it was explained to me.

Hope this helps.
So, In my environment we have 392 qty 10 processor value TSM EE edition.

PVU estimate is 5600 PVU's.

Can we use 392 qty 10 processor value for 5600 PVU environment ?

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