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Legal/Freeze Hold


I have a question about legal hold. Is any one handing ongoing legal holds? We have to keep all email backups as well as NAS backup forever. Does anyone handle issues like this? We are currently just setting the retention to forever but needless to say we are using ALOT of tape.

Any ideas would be great



ADSM.ORG Moderator
This has become a nightmare for most Security and Backup folks in the last few years and had escalated proportionately with SOX and HIPAA.

In the financial sector where I work at, we "store" e-mail forever (outgoing and incoming only for the moment - Calendars, contacts, etc. are not yet stored) using a third party provider called Fortiva. You might want to talk with them.

For NAS data, if you are having issues with tape count, I suggest the use of high capacity tape like LTO3.


We have legal/hold information that we hold forever too. We created a small disk pool for the legal information. It migrates to it's own tapepool. It does not migrate to a copy pool. We remove the tapepool copy when it fills and put it on a shelf, available if the lawyers ask for it.

We then registered a second node on the server. This way we can run a second scheduled backup that has our regular "operational" management class. This writes to our regular disk pool and migrates to tapepool and copypool. This is what we use for customer restores.

We also use a mail archive tool that operates outside of TSM.


How did you do your include/exclude lists for your mgmt classes, since holding it forever would default to anything to that mgmt class if it didn't have a cloptset or DIRMC?

Just curious, b/c we tried something similar and everything started defaulting to the forever mgmt class, even though in the include/exclude I put the correct class next to each item...when that didn't work I tried DIRMC in a cloptset. It was painful and TSM support was no help since we are running client version 5.2


ADSM.ORG Moderator
In Dr.Phibes post he says that he registers a second node. What this does is allow you to perform the normal daily backups using the normal include/exclude setup. When they want to make a backup that is for legal hold, the change the dsm.opt file (or just use a different one) that uses the other node name. This allows them to keep the normal backups on their schedule and the legal hold backup to be kept forever. This is very similar to the way some of the TDPs work.


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