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LAN-free path failed on Windows IA64 and TSM5.5

Discussion in 'TSM Installation, Upgrade and Configuration' started by maxdb82, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. maxdb82

    maxdb82 Active Newcomer

    Jul 19, 2010
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    Hi all, first of all let me thank you for this forum and all the hints I've always caught out here :)

    Now this is the question: I've set up TSM Client 5.5 on a Windows Server 2008 SE IA64 (Itanium 64-bit), I installed Tivoli Storage Agent v5.5 on the system for LAN-free backup, defined the STA server on the main TSM Server (which is v6.2 and runs on a standard AIX 6.1 machine).
    I've set up the devclass, stgpool, domain and management class on the main TSM Server in order to perform the backups in a VTL library that emulates an IBM TS3500.
    I've set the dsmsta.exe options on the Storage Agent server as it follows:

    q status
    ANR2017I Administrator SERVER_CONSOLE issued command: QUERY STATUS
    Storage Management Server for Windows - Version 5, Release 5, Level 6.0

    Server Name: XXX_STA
    Server for this Storage Agent: TSM6TEST
    Server host name or IP address: 10.16.XXX.XXX (IP of the Win machine on which the STA is running)
    Server TCP/IP port number: 1500
    Crossdefine: Off
    Server Password Set: Yes
    Server Restart Date/Time: 06/21/2012 10:29:49
    Authentication: On
    Registration: Closed
    Subfile Backup: No
    Availability: Enabled
    Accounting: Off
    Encryption Strength: AES

    The XXX_STA was then defined on the main TSM server with the same parameters and in fact, from the server, the STA is ping-able. Again, a 'validate lanfree' command shows no issues, so I suppose at least the TCP-IP configuration is ok.

    When I start the TSM client on the Win STA system I get error "ANS9201W-LAN-Free Path Failed" querying the server's actlog at the same time show the error "ANE4048W: LAN-Free connection failed". On the client opt file enablelanfree is YES, lanfreetcpport is 1500 (default) like the STA lladdress, and lanfree tcpserveraddress is 10.16.XXX.XXX like the STA hladdress.
    Obviously the Win machine is cabled to the VTL (a rescan showed all the virtual drives).

    A possible problem is that I could not find the IBMtape drivers for Win IA-64 so I used Windows default ones, but I think this is not the issue, cause I can't ever see the library from the storage agent, it seems like a configuration mess...

    Do you have any similar configuration or... Any idea on how to solve that 'LAN-Free Path Failed'?
    I'm here for any question.

    Thanks in advance :)
  3. maxdb82

    maxdb82 Active Newcomer

    Jul 19, 2010
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    Another hint.
    The dsmc error log shows the following statements:

    06/18/2012 14:48:12 psNpOpen(): Error opening named pipe '\\.\pipe\lanfree', CreateFile: Win32 rc=2 .
    06/18/2012 14:48:12 Error -190 opening session
    06/18/2012 14:48:12 cuSignOnResp: Error -72 reading SignOn response from server.
    06/18/2012 14:48:12 sessOpen: Error -72 receiving IdentifyResp verb from server
    06/18/2012 14:48:12 ANS9201W LAN-free path failed.

    The strange thing is that the client is trying to open \pipe\lanfree as if the commethod was NAMEDPIPE, but the commethod specified in dsmsta.opt is TCPIP !!

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