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LAN Free doesn't work !

Guys, I have some problem in LAN Free backup.

I have LTO3584 w/ 6drives, ESS, SAN G/W(2109-F16).

Softwares are TSM Server/Client 4.2.0 and Tivoli Storage Agent 4.2.1

When I test backup via SAN, below error logs are written on dsmerror.log

(#dsmsta is well run)

01/30/03 03:14:25 Error -450 opening session

01/30/03 03:14:26 sessRecvVerb: Error -72 from call to 'readRtn'.

01/30/03 03:14:26 cuSignOnResp: Error -72 reading SignOn response from server.

01/30/03 03:14:26 sessOpen: Error -72 receiving IdentifyResp verb from server

01/30/03 03:14:26 ANS9201W Lanfree path failed: using lan path.


CLIENT1[/usr/tivoli/tsm/StorageAgent/bin]# dsmsta

ANR7800I DSMSERV generated at 12:27:40 on Aug 29 2001.

Tivoli Storage Manager for AIX-RS/6000

Version 4, Release 2, Level 1.0

Licensed Materials - Property of IBM

5698-TSM (C) Copyright IBM Corporation 1999,2001. All rights reserved.

U.S. Government Users Restricted Rights - Use, duplication or disclosure

restricted by GSA ADP Schedule Contract with IBM Corporation.

ANR0900I Processing options file dsmsta.opt.

ANR8200I TCP/IP driver ready for connection with clients on port 1500.

ANR8285I Shared Memory driver ready for connection with clients on port 1510

ANR8919I Initialization and recovery has started for shared library LTO_3584.

ANR8920I Initialization and recovery has ended for shared library LTO_3584.

ANR0993I Server initialization complete.

ANR0916I TIVOLI STORAGE MANAGER distributed by Tivoli is now ready for use.


Who knows the reason, please tell me why.. Thanks..

:confused: [email protected]


ADSM.ORG Moderator
The very first thing I see is the Agent and Client/Server level are not the same. From everythng I've read, the Server and Agent levels *must* match exactly (down to the PTF level) Chenge that and try again.

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