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Issue with Schedules for AIX systems


Hi all

I have been trying to get some AIX servers to backup to a new TSM server, but am having some issues with it

Here is what i have done

On the client system - stopped any dsmcad or dsmsched services using kill -9 pid
modified the dsm.opt file to reflect Servername newserver
modified the dsm.sys file to change the Servername to match the dsm.opt, changed the TCPServeraddress to reflect the new IP of the new TSM server
Also verified that the dsm.sys file contained managedservices schedule webclient
passwordaccess generate
schedmode prompt
commmethod tcpip
i saved it and verified the settings kept

Deleted the existing TSM.PWD file
I then issued dsmc to log into TSM and to write the password of the node to the TSM.PWD file
I was able to log into TSM and TSM see the node and perform a backup

I then restarted the dsmcad by issuing /usr/tivoli/tsm/client/ba/bin64/dsmcad
the cad started
i checked the dsmerror.log, no errors, and checked dsmsched.log and it picked up the schedule i assigned

i then kicked off the schedule, but it will not run. in TSM i can see an error that states ANR8213W session open with IP_of_client timed out.

the scheduled job never runs, however this is the weird thing, if i enter dsmc, log in and then out, the scheduled job completes.

Not sure what is going on here, as everything seems to work except the cad invocation of the scheduler...

any ideas on what to check?


figured it out after checking again.. the LPARS ip addresses were changed, so the dsm.sys file was referencing the old IP and that is why the CAD would not start.

modified it and tested and it worked.


ADSM.ORG Moderator
when using "schedmode prompted" backup is initiated from the server - check whether or not the system listens on the correct port and whether or not are the HLA (IP address), LLA (port) and SESSIONINIT parameters correctly set in the node definition (on the server).
Just to rule it out you can change schedmode to "polling" - then the CAD initiates the session based on time - if this works the scope for bug hunting is much more limited ....

EDIT: Glad you made it work :)

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