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Is it possible to move offsite some Backup Primary Pool tapes?

Dear All,

in order to increase the data availability level of our migrated data (using HSM), we executed a preventive backup of the same data (using TSM Backup). Right now, our tape library is almost full and I think that we have to move offsite some tapes. My question is: can I move offsite all the backup tapes (related to the backup primary pool) in order to free up a great number of tape library slots?

In the past, I have already done the offsite of tapes contained in a copygroup, but I have some doubt with the backup primary pool.

My TSM server version is very old (v.5.5.6)

Thank you in advance.
Thank you very much for the answer, Marclant. So, if I understand, I can move backup tapes offsite using MOVE MEDIA. Two last questions: in the past I used checkout libvolume command. What is the difference between the two commands? If I use MOVE MEDIA command to extract the full cartridges from tape library which command should I use to reinsert them without losing data (checkin libvolume)? Thank you again.


ADSM.ORG Moderator
If you use checkout, TSM doesn't track the the volume is stored elsewhere, just that it`s outside the library.
Use this command to manage overflow storage pools. The database tracks media that has been moved using this command. This command applies to sequential access primary and copy storage pool volumes that are managed by an automated library (including an external library). The library does not have to be full. One or more sequential access storage pool volumes can be processed at the same time. Use the DAYS parameter to identify eligible volumes to be moved. Use the OVERFLOW LOCATION parameter to record the storage location for the moved media.

Yes, you use checkin libvolume to check them back in.
Thank you very much for your help and patience. I executed a test using the following instructions:

update stgp TAPEBCK ovflocation="TAPEBCK VAULT"

move media * stgp=TAPEBCK wherestatus=full remove=bulk cmd="checkin libvol TS3500-BCK &vol status=private" cmdfilename="/tmp/checkin_private_offsite_tapes"

query media * stg=* whereovflocation="TAPEBCK VAULT"

Everything seems to be ok. So, in my case, I extract some full tapes using the tape library I/O station. "TAPEBCK VAULT" overflow location is not a real "repository" inside the tape library, but a simply "TAG" that could be usefull in order to detect and trace the "position" fo the tape outside the library, right?

Have a great day.
The last question, I promise :)
As I said previously, I backup all files before migrate them to the tape library using HSM. If an HSM tape will become "unavailable" for some reason how I could detect the tape (moved offsite and belonging to the backup storage pool) containing the backup copy of the files? Thank you in advance.


ADSM.ORG Moderator
You will have to try to restore the missing file. The tape will not be in the library so the restore will fail. Check the activity log to see which tape was requested. Then checkin that tape and retry the restore.
Dear Marclant,

thanks to your suggestions I have been able to move offsite about 20% of tapes belonging to the backup storage pool.
During last days, I noticed that, due to a reclamation process running on the same backup storage pool (it involves the remaining 80% of insite tapes), TSM server marked as "unavailable" a checked-out tape that is no more in the tape library. I think that this tape is needed to complete the reclamation.
Is there a way to exclude checked-out tapes from reclamation processes?

My TSM server version is v.5.5.
Thank you in advance,

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