Informix restore on another node


Mar 19, 2024
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I have one TSM client (v7.1) that is backing up Informix 11.50 via a TSM server (v7.1)
I would like to restore these data on another TSM client SPR 8.1.19 version that is not connected to the TSM server 7.1
Can you please help me to understand how to configure dsm.opt and / or dsm.sys files on the client where the data has to be restored to ?
Thank you
I have no knowledge about Informix, but from what I read this is some kind of database? You're using the standard BA client to make a backup?
If so, just add the following parameters to your dsm.sys on the 8.1 client:
servername mytsm7server
tcpserveraddress <the IP address of the TSM 7 server>
tcpport <the TCPPort of the TSM 7 server>
Afterwards you can start the SP client with the -se= parameter, like:
dsmc -se=mytsm7server
And start the restore.
Hello Eric,
Thank you for your reply
In the meantime, we've succeeded in making the restore works
I won't go through the details because I think it's quite specific to the restore, but we had to :
- change the dsm.sys file with a stanza adding the NODENAME option pointing to the node from which data is backedup
- create a specific dsm.opt for this node
- change the DSMI_CONFIG setting to make this point to the specific dsm.opt file

Maybe this we be usefull for other users !