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Information on TSM-DR and the DR550


Oct 25, 2011
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I've looked around and this seems to be the closest place to file the question in , so here goes.

We have a DR550, the components are P520 running AIX and TSM DR (data recovery) and the data is stored on FASTT dasd.
This product is 9 years old and we are migrating away from the DR550 , in fact we (really consultants) are rewritting the entire application.
We don't know what hardware we are moving to so specifics are in short supply.

Is there something that will copy, not move, the data from the DR550 to something other piece of hardware that would be software agnostic but still permit us WORM capability like the DR550? I know we will need to move to something that is CAS as this appears to give us the WORM capability, but that is just research I have done.

Next question and probably the most important. Since it is the P520 with TSM-DR running , in front of the FASTT, could we remove the P520 from the equation and copy the data from the FASTT to whatever and then put something in front of the new dasd? Does TSM-DR put some kind of 'flag' on the data so this options is a no go?

I know there are TSM versions for windows but in my research I can only find TSM-EE not TSM-DR does anyone on this forum know of such a product?

We have very little TSM knowledge here and this is why I am asking such an open ended question.

Thank you in advance

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