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I'm looking forward to use a web based tool instead of command line


ADSM.ORG Moderator
You may as well use the OC, ISC is obsolete, Admin Center (AC) is not available after 7.1.

Install the OC on a different machine than your server and run version 8.1.6 of the OC and the hub. Your existing 7.1.1 server will be a spoke to it. Reason for 8.1.6 of the OC is that there is a lot of new functionality added that doesn't exist in version 7.1 of the OC. The first release of the OC was somewhat primitive.


ADSM.ORG Moderator
I would not run that on a desktop, unless you have a tiny Spectrum Protect environment. Also, you want a machine that is on 7/24 because it's collecting data several times an hour, plus you want it to be online if you also want to use it to send alerts and reports.


So, I'm wonder that I have to install it on another sever machine?
But I don't have Spectrum Protect environment, at all. Just Version of TSM. Should these work on this setting?
I can try to create a virtual (VMWare) appliance to do that.


ADSM.ORG Moderator
But I don't have Spectrum Protect environment, at all. Just Version of TSM.
Same thing, starting at 7.1.3, it's called Spectrum Protect, it's just rebranded, not a different product.

The OC requires a Spectrum Protect Server at the same level as the OC refered to as the hub. For that reason, you need to install it on a different machine in order to use a version different than your Spectrum Protect/TSM Server.

So you would have 2 machines:
- your existing TSM Server at 7.1.x (spoke)
- your OC and HUB, which would have OC 8.1.6 and Spectrum Protect 8.1.6 (hub)
- if you add more servers to your environment later, they will also be spokes to the same hub

Doing it this way also gives you more flexibility, you can more easily upgrade the OC to get new features even if you are not ready to upgrade your TSM server.


I think I got it. As I said, I can create a virtual machine to deploy the HUB and the OC. But the question now should be... Licenses! I'll try, by the way!



Since my licenses seem to be to version 7.1.1 My thought is I have now permission to use SP 8.1.6. I really don't know the IBM policies for that matter.

Am I right?

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  • Other (please comement)

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