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How to umount existing nsd, then add to a new filesystem?

Discussion in 'Hierarchical Storage Management' started by Hsing1, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. Hsing1

    Hsing1 ADSM.ORG Member

    Mar 13, 2017
    Likes Received:
    My GPFS filesystem Media is almost full. I need to add ptstest (nsd08) to Media, so the Media will have nsd07, nsd17, nsd19 and nsd08. How can I do?


    [[email protected] bin]# mmlsnsd -a

    File system Disk name NSD servers
    Media nsd07 (directly attached)
    Media nsd17 (directly attached)
    Media nsd19 (directly attached)

    hakkatv nsd03 (directly attached)
    mam1gpfs nsd20 HSM1,HSM2,HSM3
    mssvideo nsd06 (directly attached)
    mvtv nsd05 (directly attached)
    newshakka nsd09 (directly attached)
    newspts nsd10 (directly attached)
    newspts nsd11 (directly attached)
    newspts nsd12 (directly attached)
    newstitv nsd02 (directly attached)
    newsworkingtemp nsd13 (directly attached)
    newsworkingtemp nsd14 (directly attached)
    newsworkingtemp nsd18 (directly attached)
    ptstest nsd08 (directly attached)
    ptstv nsd01 (directly attached)
    ptstv nsd15 (directly attached)
    ptstv nsd16 (directly attached)
    titv nsd04 (directly attached)
: gpfs

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