How to scratch tapes marked as dbbackup?


Oct 15, 2018
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Hi there,
I don't know why but my DDbackup a month ago does not run properly. That made me to try force the script to run. As result I have now 12 tapes taged as dbbackup. But in fact only one(475) has the real DB backup.

tsm: JACARANDA>q libv

Library Name Volume Name Status           Owner      Last Use  Home    Devic-
                                                               Element e Type
------------ ----------- ---------------- ---------- --------- ------- ------
TS3200       340AGJL4    Private                     DbBackup  4,139
TS3200       341AGJL4    Private                     DbBackup  4,137
TS3200       342AGJL4    Private                     DbBackup  4,138
TS3200       343AGJL4    Scratch                               4,128
TS3200       344AGJL4    Private                     DbBackup  4,133
TS3200       420AGJL4    Private                     Data      4,114
TS3200       421AGJL4    Private                     Data      4,110
TS3200       422AGJL4    Private                     Data      4,118
TS3200       423AGJL4    Private                     Data      4,105
TS3200       424AGJL4    Private                     DbBackup  4,108
TS3200       425AGJL4    Private                     Data      4,116
TS3200       426AGJL4    Private                     Data      4,112
TS3200       427AGJL4    Private                     DbBackup  4,120
TS3200       428AGJL4    Private                     Data      4,127
TS3200       429AGJL4    Private                     Data      4,097
TS3200       475AGJL4    Private                     DbBackup  4,113
TS3200       476AGJL4    Private                     Data      4,117
TS3200       477AGJL4    Private                     Data      4,104
TS3200       478AGJL4    Private                     Data      4,124
TS3200       479AGJL4    Private                     Data      4,115
TS3200       485AGJL4    Private                     Data      4,134
TS3200       486AGJL4    Private                     Data      4,129
TS3200       487AGJL4    Private                     Data      4,126
TS3200       488AGJL4    Private                     DbBackup  4,123
TS3200       489AGJL4    Private                     DbBackup  4,119
TS3200       500AGJL4    Private                     DbBackup  4,136
TS3200       501AGJL4    Private                     Data      4,121
TS3200       502AGJL4    Private                     Data      4,122
TS3200       503AGJL4    Private                     Data      4,130
TS3200       504AGJL4    Scratch                               4,135
TS3200       510AGJL4    Private                     DbBackup  4,111
TS3200       511AGJL4    Private                     Data      4,096
TS3200       512AGJL4    Private                     Data      4,125
TS3200       513AGJL4    Private                     Data      4,098
TS3200       520AGJL4    Private                     Data      4,102
TS3200       521AGJL4    Private                     Data      4,099
TS3200       522AGJL4    Private                     Data      4,100
TS3200       523AGJL4    Private                     Data      4,103
TS3200       524AGJL4    Private                     Data      4,101
TS3200       985AGIL4    Private                     Data      4,109
TS3200       986AGIL4    Private                     Data      4,131
TS3200       987AGIL4    Private                     Data      4,132
TS3200       988AGIL4    Private                     DbBackup  4,107
TS3200       989AGIL4    Private                     Data      4,106

So I'm looking on how to freed this other fake backups and to be part of the Vols again.

Please help!!!!!
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Do use DRM?

If yes:
  1. What's the "DB Backup Series Expiration Days" in Q DRMSTATUS set at?
  2. Does move drm run daily and successfully?
If no, do you have a script/admin schedule that runs "del volhist type=dbb todate=-X (where X is the number of days of DB backup you want to keep) daily?
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Marclant, Thanks!

I've tried the: del volhist type=dbb todate=-X
And the output was: 0 sequential volume history entry were successfully deleted.

About DRM, sorry I don't know If I'm using it...
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Any of those tapes show up in "q libv type=dbb"?
Did the last expiration run successfully?
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Nop! q libv does not allow type=dbb
BTW, q libv shows DbBackup on Last Use column
Library Name Volume Name Status           Owner      Last Use  Home    Devic-
                                                               Element e Type
------------ ----------- ---------------- ---------- --------- ------- ------
TS3200       340AGJL4    Private                     DbBackup  4,139
TS3200       341AGJL4    Private                     DbBackup  4,137
TS3200       342AGJL4    Private                     DbBackup  4,138
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When I type q drm, output is 475agjl4 mountable. This one is the real bkp tape.
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No problem! I do it all the time! :)

tsm: JACARANDA>q volhist type=dbb

                                 Date/Time: 03/21/2019 13:55:05
                               Volume Type: BACKUPFULL
                             Backup Series: 160
                          Backup Operation: 0
                                Volume Seq: 100,001
                              Device Class: DEVCLASS_LTO4
                               Volume Name: 475AGJL4
                           Volume Location:
                   Database Backup ID High: 0
                    Database Backup ID LOW: 0
             Database Backup Home Position: 0
                       Database Backup HLA:
                       Database Backup LLA:
    Database Backup Total Data Bytes (MB) : 0
     Database Backup total Log Bytes (MB) : 0
            Database Backup Block Num High: 0
             Database Backup Block Num Low: 0
                 Database Backup Stream Id: 1
Database Backup Volume Sequence for Stream: 100,001
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Hello folks!

After your great support I 've been able to get my "dbbackup" tape to the "empty" status. Then so, I did a several attempts to get those to "scratch"... Not succeed :confused:

Some tries:
checkin libvol ts3200 <vol_name> status=scratch
label libvol ts3200 <vol_name> waitt=1 checkin=scratch
move data

Some advice?
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Yes I did but just the first half of it and wrongly understood that it has only reporting the error, and not see the Local Fix below.

I'll do it !!!!!!
Thanks a lot.
PREDATAR Control23

You're welcome.

Alternatively, you could upgrade to the fixing level or above. If you're affected by this APAR, you're running a really old version.
PREDATAR Control23

Version 7.1 I think

Ok, after run the checkout command:
tsm: JACARANDA>CHECKOUT LIBV ts3200 340agjl4 remove=no checklabel=no
ANS8003I Process number 26 started.
q libv doesn't show the tape, this looks good.

Try to run it again and the output is:
ANR8433E CHECKOUT LIBVOLUME: Volume 340AGJL4 does not exist in library TS3200.
ANS8001I Return code 4.
Looks good either!

But when I try to label it:
label libvol ts3200 340agjl4 waitt=1 checkin=scratch overwrite=yes
ANR8816E LABEL LIBVOLUME: Volume 340AGJL4 in library TS3200 cannot be labeled because it is currently defined in a storage pool or in the volume history file.
ANS8001I Return code 12.
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That APAR should be fixed by 7.1. You're at a supported release, you may as well open a case with IBM.
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Just to put it in context. I'm not a IBM or TSM expert. I have some knowledge on IT , hard and soft. Working on the Rio de Janeiro Environment Institute. So a gov. bureau, with all sort of budget and staff concerns, as used to be (I think you can understand);)
I've found thisTs3200/Lto4 with 45 slot and a IBM sever running TSM out of use, since they were installed on late 2011, and, no other backup solution in place!
No money for pay for a IBM consultancy, we just could pay for an TSM guy who did a 1 month job in which he setting up the TSM, Scheduled the bkp tasks, install and configured the clients and get out.
Since no other here attend to monitor and support... I took it. Cos' I could not agree with this kind of misbehaving on the public sector where the public money and services are at stake.
So, that has been a loooong and challenging learning curve to manage it !

But what for I have been written this all ?

Because, If I'm succeding It has been possible with the amazing support of all of you from and I would say THANK YOU!!!!!!