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How Do You Handle Your DB Backup Volumes ?


Hello, I have an open PMR with IBM regarding a .DSS file issue and while researching the issue for us, the IBM Support Tech looked into our current tape volume setup and told us that we are handling our DBB and DBS tape volumes incorrectly. I wanted to check here and see if he is correct.

We currently run a DBS backup to tape and send it offsite everyday with a 7 day retention.
We also run a DBB backup daily that stays in our library with a 7 day retention.

He says that we should be sending the DBB backup offsite and keeping the DBS backup onsite. Is that correct ?

Thank you


OK, we have been sending the daily DBS backup offsite for years and keeping the DBB onsite. We run a DBS and then a DBB daily

This is from a TSM Disaster Recovery Manager Manual...

There are two types of database backups that are typically used for recovery; full

database backups and snapshot backups. Full database backups are typically done on a

daily basis after all copy storage pools have been updated and they are stored on-site.

Snapshot database backups are full database backups, but they do not reset the

recovery log. Snapshot database backups are typically used for off-site disaster recovery

purposes. They are made on a daily basis following production of a copy storage pool

and are sent off-site with the rest of the daily tapes.


ADSM.ORG Moderator
The key words here are:

Snapshot database backups are full database backups, but they do not reset the recovery log.

You can send them offsite if you wish but the FULL DB backup is the desired DR recovery mode. I never use snapshots as I see these as useless. I need the recovery logs reset.


ADSM.ORG Moderator
But, if you do a DR at an alternate location because the primary location is down, you don't have the logs anyway, so backup or snapshot, both contain the same thing and both without the logs.


ADSM.ORG Senior Member
I remember when IBM introduced DBS on TSM and I'm pretty sure colleagues told me that it was introduced just for DR purposes. Some sort of a "different full db backup" (I always thought to a dump/export) that do not interfere with every day backup (incremental and full) activity, that's why it doesn't reset logs.
Every DR test I did I always used DBS with no issues at all.


Thank you all for the replies to my DB Backup question. For now we are going to keep our process steps the same...DBB onsite and DBS offsite since that has been working for us. I'm going to be making some changes that allow us to automatically delete the unnecessary .DSS files from our storage directories and volhist.

Thanks again

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