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Help me, Please... (TDP Domino 7.1, ACD5218E, ACD5412W errors )


Mar 3, 2009
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Hello everyone,
If you allow me, I have the following issue...
I am installing TDP for Domino (7.1.0, x64) on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.7, x64, with a Domino server (9.0.1 with fp5, x64) on which I must also install the BA client (7.1 .6.2) for the filesystem
After installed correctly and even registered both clients on the IBM Spectrum Protect server (8.1.8), when i tried to run domdsmc q pref I found several errors
I realized that unfortunately the APIx64 versions (BA and TDP), so I uninstalled both clients and just reinstalled the TDP.
Now, once everything is configured with the dominstall, when trying to run the domdsmc q pref command again, the following errors are reported ...

================================================== ===
For root , from /opt/tivoli/tsm/client/domino/bin, ./domdsmc q pref

ACD5218E The Lotus Domino API could not be loaded. Could not load the libnotes.so
Warning! Error initializing the connection to the TDP library
domdsmc: domapi.cpp: 4761: dsInt32_t DominoFunctionNotLoaded (): Assertion `0 'failed.

================================================== ===
From notes user ..., domdsmc q pref

ACD5412W An error was encountered with Tivoli Storage Manager API initialization, rc = 610.
Examine the dsierror.log for more information or determine if the TSM API is installed properly.
Warning! Error initializing the connection to the TDP library

(but dsierror.log, don´t exists)

According to the compatibility matrix, all the components are compatible, but I continue with the same problem, practically for 3 weeks.
All that I could gather about these errors point to topics as disparate as different architecture versions (x64 and x86) between the TDP and the Domino server, that libraries could not be loaded, or directly that the TDP 7.1.0 installer have installation errors.

Finally, my questions...
Is there a way to fix the issue?
Or in the other hand, what would be the latest operating versions, available from both clients (preferably with the same APIx64) to try to intall those.

From already thank you very much!
Best Regards.

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