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Granular restore problems - required Master Page reset for sub-site pages


ADSM.ORG Senior Member
Here is my issue - Its related to Inplace Granular restores

I have continuously been able to restore sites where the content of each site restore is intact. But the Styles are wrong. The customer calls it incorrect branding.
I call it the cascade style sheets. In any event - after each restore of a site - to include sub-sites - we are having the requirement to go to the Parent Master Page and execute a reset - so the master CSS can be redistributed thoroughly. After the reset - the sites and sub-sites are back to normal.
To date I have not been able to find the root cause for this.
Sharepoint native tools - and its restore successes - do not require the need for this reset option - therefore a breakdown or perhaps a misconfiguration is in place and I cant find it.

Need to know if anyone has seen a problem similar to this and what the fix was.
Current version I am using is 5700

Thanks everyone - this is urgent so any ideas would be greatly appreciated

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