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Few questions of functionality

Discussion in 'TSM Installation, Upgrade and Configuration' started by tsmapp, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. tsmapp

    tsmapp Active Newcomer

    Sep 8, 2012
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    I'v been installing and try to configurate a TSM server, I'm new by the way, and reading how works TSM and waching how works beyond the manuals, I have a few question and I hope all of you can help me:

    I'm using TSM 6.3 and for the configuration the Administrative Console 6.3, I made the register of the nodes, the policies, etc whit it.
    Now about the retention, expiration of the backups and archive, these are my questions:

    -When the backup retention expired, the backup is deleted from the place where it's holding and sending to the archive or it's keeping to be deleted manually?
    -When the archive expired, what TSM do?¿ simply delete the data or show a message.
    -Whe we have backups, incremental or full, the client (with the BA Client of course) shows the date of the backups as a group of backup or how?¿ (the same thing for the archive)

    About the kind of Backup:
    -How can I specify the kind of backup (incremental and full) and specify the data that the client will send to the server?¿

    Last question, this is about the TSM Data protection:
    -As I said, I'm using Administration Center, all the configuration including the data protection, is made in it, but when the scheduler is configurating there is an option, in comand line is "define schedule PolicyA1 daily_orcbkup description="07Daily Online DB Backup"
    action=command objects="C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\AgentOBA\sched\orcsched.cmd"
    starttime=21:00 duration=15 durunits=minutes period=1 perunits=day
    dayofweek=any", this option point to orcsched.cmd for Oracle and sqlfull.com for Sql Server, in AC where can I point this option, whitout delete the schedule.

    Thanks for reading, I hope yu can help me.
  3. smajl

    smajl ADSM.ORG Senior Member

    Dec 10, 2009
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    - after retention is over file has to be "expired" by expiration process (should be part of daily scripts)
    - see first point. If file is stored on disk pool, file is deleted. If file is stored on sequential storage pool (tapes, FILE, VTL) file is marked as expired and but space is not freed. Deleted files make "space" which needs to be re-gained by Reclamation process.
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