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Fastback for workstation Restore from new computer


Active Newcomer
Hi people,

I have installed a tsm fastback for workstation and save data on a distant server, my hard drive was down and the data on too.
Can i install a other fastback with the same node and password to restore the data from old computer to new, i have try but i don't see the folder or the files.

Best regards


Active Newcomer
Hi marclant,

Try and for the moment not working.
The connection with the tsm server work i see the connection for my node but no data in restore (or just the data he have save)

Best regards.


ADSM.ORG Moderator
Found this:
To restore the files open the application gui and follow these steps:
1. Click on Restore, click next to go to the Files to Restore page.
2. Click on the Folder View link.
3. Click on the Change Search Location link.
4, In the "Restore from: " field, select Other.
5. Type in \\YOURSERVER\YOURSHARE\RealTimeBackup (or on a TSM Sever tsm://YOURSERVER\RealTimeBackup), then click ok. You should see the different machines that have backed up to the Server.
6. Drill down in your old machine folder and select the files/directories you would like to restore. When finished, selecting click Update Table, then Next.
7. On the Restore Location page. You must give it a new location to restore the file to, you can not leave it at the default of "Its original location".
8. Click Next.
9. Click Finish.


Active Newcomer
Thanks for the reply,

Already see that but just explain how restore the data.

I found the solution i posted here for the futur people who have this problem

1: Re install TSM Fastback for workstation
2: Update node on tsm server and change the password and force the re type password
3: Rename the Computer with the same name of the old node (search with q content volume_name node=node_name)
4: Modify the dsm.opt with
NODENAME node_name
5: On the new computer create the user who use the old fastback and connect to you session
6: launch tsm fastback and click restore (normaly you see the old fichier on C:\ users \ username

Wish that can help people for the futur ^^.

Best regards.

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