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Fastback 6.1.5...full download question

Discussion in 'TSM Fastback' started by zatogo, Mar 28, 2012.

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    Fastback 6.1.5...full download question...Issue Resolved

    In talking to IBM Support...you can download 6.1.3 (where support for 2008r2 is introduced) from IBM Fix Central...and it will be a fully functional/licensed version. You do need appropriate log in credentials to get to the software.

    I did this...and upgraded to 6.1.5...and it all appears to work fine.


    My previous post...

    Coming from the TSM side of the world, Fastback software downloads are a bit confusing to me.

    I see that with recent releases of Fastback patches/maintenance you can now run the Fastback server on Windows 2008 r2, 64 bit.

    As an IBM partner, I can go to Partnerworld where the most current version for download I can find is I can then go to IBM Fix central where I can download patches -- such as 6.1.5.

    From what I can tell...6.1.5 download at fix central is not a full version and is meant to be installed over a full/licensed release. So how would I do this? If I can't install the base on a 2008r2 64 bit box, how do I get a base code install that I then can install 6.1.5 on top of?

    Can someone enlighten me?
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