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Exchange Backup : Restore User Mails ( moved to PST )


Hi ,

I have a a user who keeps moving his send item mails to PST (located on his PC ) .Now he has unfortunately deleted his PST file . Is there some way I can recover his send items from TSM integrated exchange backup .Our's is a 2007 Exchange SCC mailbox cluster .

As far i know , user mails which have been moved to PST cannot be recovered from the exchange backups ( full + hrly incremental log ) backups . Am I right on this or Is there something I am missing in TSM /Exchange configuration ?


No The user PST in his PC is not backed up in any way .. Hence , he needs it recovered from the tsm-exchange server backups .And I am not sure if it is possible since he keeps moving his mails from his send items to PST .Can anyone give me a tsm tech note or something concrete about this , so I can explain to the user ..


ADSM.ORG Moderator
If the PST files that are on the PC were not backed up, not much you can do.
I would not expect to find a techdoc.
Regardless of what backup application that you are using, we can not restore data if it were not backed up.

If you move the data from location A to location B, and the backups are done on location A.
But, you want the data restore from location B. So sorry, too bad.
Can only restore data that were on location A, since this is were the data are being backed up.

The only thing that you can do is restore what was last backed up via the TDP.

Good Luck,


That's exactly what I am looking for ... Will i be able to restore any mail through TDP since as far I know TSM TDP will not cover any mails from user mailbox which the user has moved to PST . Can i get any confirmation on this ?


ADSM.ORG Moderator
What the TDP does is allow the application (Oracle, Domino, MS Exchange, MS SQL...) to be backup while it is running. If the application can be shut down, then use the TSM B/A Client and save some money. If the application have to be running 24X7, would use the TDP to backup the application rather than with the TSM B/A Client. Reason, restores are important.

The TDP does not backup anything. Its a conduit between the application and the TSM Server.
When you run a backup via the TDP, it ask the application to perform a backup and the TDP will redirect the data to the TSM Server.

The TDP does not function like the TSM B/A Client where it backs up data on the file system.

No need to take my word for it. You can prove it to yourself.
Create a temp folder , place some files into this temp folder and attempt to backup the files in this temp folder via the TDP.

Good Luck,


I think I could not get my point across to you ,Sias . I totally understand that TDP and TSM BA client does different functions . one picks up files while the other is an interface between the app and TSM and enables to run application aware backups .What I mean by my question above has nothing to do with restoring the PST file . All I am concerned about is the mail server backup .That to.. to be more specific .
In an exchange server , are mails covered in the hourly incremental TDP backup if the user performs a move operation on the emails he receives or sends ( like moving to PST etc ) ?

I hope you got my actual question now ... ;) .Btw .Thanks for putting the time & effort to help me figure this out . :)


ADSM.ORG Moderator
Ok...I think I got it.
Will the backup of the MS Exchange via the TDP also include the .pst files.

Unless there was some kind of change in the MS Exchange to also include the .pst files along with the database/DAG, then no.

Good Luck,

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