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Error while restoring TSMDB


Hi all!

My TSM server suffered a power outage, the DB2 gets up but the TSM Server1 does not. It's TSM 6.3

I tried to start it as a stand alone, however I receive an error, the database is corrupted.

The dsmserv restore db prev=yes dives this:
C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\server>dsmserv restore db prev=yes
ANR7800I DSMSERV generated at 02:08:06 on Jul 26 2012.

Tivoli Storage Manager for Windows

Version 6, Release 3, Level 2.000

Licensed Materials - Property of IBM

(C) Copyright IBM Corporation 1990, 2011.
All rights reserved.
U.S. Government Users Restricted Rights - Use, duplication or disclosure
restricted by GSA ADP Schedule Contract with IBM Corporation.

ANR0900I Processing options file C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\server\dsmserv.op-
ANR0902W Unsupported keyword found in file C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\server\-
ANR0906I Line No. : 604
ANR0907I Statement : STAtusmsgcnt 1
ANR0908W Error : |.............
ANR4726I The ICC support module has been loaded.
ANR1636W The server machine GUID changed: old value (), new value (a7.9c.83.f0-
ANR7808W Sun Microsystems Library Attach module libacs.dll is not available
from the system.
ANR8200I TCP/IP Version 4 driver ready for connection with clients on port
ANR4636I Starting roll-forward database restore.
ANR4591I Selected backup series 3246 from 09/12/2015 and 12:01:28 as best
candidate available for restore database processing.
ANR8955I Drive DRIVE1A in library with serial number is updated
with the newly discovered serial number HU1130HLEP.
ANR8955I Drive DRIVE2A in library with serial number is updated
with the newly discovered serial number HU1130HLEG.
ANR4592I Restore database backup series 3246 includes eligible operation 0 with
volume CVD691L3 having sequence 10001 and using device class LTOCLASS4A.
ANR4598I Validating database backup information for selected backup series 3246
and operation 0 using volume CVD691L3.
ANR8337I LTO volume CVD691L3 mounted in drive DRIVE1A (mt0.0.0.6).
ANR1363I Input volume CVD691L3 opened (sequence number 1).
ANR1364I Input volume CVD691L3 closed.
ANR3008I Database backup was written using client API:
ANR4624I Preview processing for a database restore operation has completed.
ANR0369I Stopping the database manager because of a server shutdown.
ANR8468I LTO volume CVD691L3 dismounted from drive DRIVE1A (mt0.0.0.6) in

When I did a dsmserv restore db, I have the following message:

ANR2970E Database rollforward terminated - DB2 sqlcode 1271 sqlerrmc TSMDB1 0
ANR2032E RESTORE DB: Command failed - internal server error detected.
ANR9999D Thread<0> issued message 2032 from:
ANR9999D Thread<0> 000007FEE56BE3DE outMsgf()+3e
ANR9999D Thread<0> 000007FEE4F57355 AdmRestoreDb()+12f5
ANR9999D Thread<0> 000007FEE4EEC857 admRestoreDatabase()+187
ANR9999D Thread<0> 000007FEE4ED1322 psPostCleanup()+272
ANR9999D Thread<0> 000007FEE4ED34E1 adsmMain()+ef1
ANR9999D Thread<0> 000000013F6D111B main()+9b dsmserv.c:241
ANR9999D Thread<0> 000000013F6D28DA __tmainCRTStartup()+11a crtexe.c:555
ANR9999D Thread<0> 0000000077A159ED BaseThreadInitThunk()+d
ANR9999D Thread<0> 0000000077B4C541 RtlUserThreadStart()+21

Any Suggestions? So far I imagine that a log is corrupted and that's why the rollfoward fails, so maybe a dsmserv restore db todate=09/12/2015 can be used (it's an historical TSM server, there is no new data incoming since 2013 hence I'll have no data loss

Best Regards

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