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DUMP/RELOAD TSM db on different version



I would like to ask some help!

I cannot find any advise for my problem. I have a 7.1.3 tsm server on Suse which is not works properly. I made a new server, but it is already a win2016 server.
I would like to move the tsm db from a 7.1.3 (linux) server to a 8.1.7 (win) server, beacuse,as i know, the cross platform migration doesnt work.
I would like to make a db dump and after i want to load it on the higher version of tsm server.

Will it work? Is there any restriction what i dont know?


ADSM.ORG Moderator
You can't migrate from Linux to Windows. You could do Linux to AIX.

It will be simpler if you blow away Windows and put Linux on the new server. Otherwise, there's only 2 ways to move from Linux to Windows, however, both methods require that both servers have enough storage to hold the data because the data will be read from the source and copied to the target. If you stick with the same platform, you can just restore the DB and swing the storage.

The 2 methods are:
- export the data from one server to another
- replicate the nodes from one server to another
I prefer the replication method, it's designed to be run frequently, it's better at picking up where you left off if you have to restart it several times.


Thank you for your reply!

The replication can work, we have enough storage and tape for it.
I think, the replication will be my choice.
BUT...the source tsm server is 7.1.3 (on linux) and the target is 8.1.6(win).
Will the replication work between these different version?


ADSM.ORG Moderator
It should, but I'd still upgrade. If the source doesn't support 8.1, I'd upgrade it to first. And upgrade the target to to make sure you have all the available fixes relating to replication installed.


Vice-versa of what? Looks like you are compatible according to that table.

Go higher, not lower. The target can be 7.1.3 or higher, 8.1.7 is higher, so you're good.
Thank you for your help!
I going to try the replication, i hope it will work.

Just one more question...

The replication will work only if i configure everything on the target tsm?
I have to set the new server as a replication server and when i start a replication, the job will start and replicate everything what i set before.

according to this:

After the replication...Can i use this server as a primary server? i want to move everything from the old linux and make the new 8.1.7 as a primary (standalone) server for backup (i will uninstall the linux)
So, if i am thinkig well, after the replication i have only set the new IP in the OPT files and everything should work.
I think i have to set the domains, mgmtclasses, policyset...stgpools...so i need have a tsm server with the proper settings where i can replicate all of my datas?

Is there anything what i missed?

Sorry for my dumb questions!


ADSM.ORG Moderator


You need to enable replication first, steps here:

You don't need to create domains and nodes, replication will do that for you.

After your last and final replication, you would follow steps 1, 2 and 3 from this document:

For step 1, you can use a wildcard "*" to do all nodes.

Have you ever faced with connection problem between 8.1.7 and 7.1.5?
I think the 8.1.7 forced the ssl connection...but i have already switched it off.... I have set the password for the server and set on the other server, but i have run a validate replication and i always get authentication failure.
I had checked the connection to an other server witch is on the same level and everything workd. The validation says the connection valid.

Thank you!

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