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DRM - VAULT to VAULTRETRIEVE - Periodic Calculation?


ADSM.ORG Senior Member
I've setup DRMDBBACKUPEXIREDAYS to 8......but I had all of my copy stgpool REUSEDELAY set to 10 accidentally. Today was day 8. I realized this afternoon I had the reusedelays set incorrectly so I changed them all to 8.

Many of the volumes went into PENDING state 8 days ago, so should go VAULTRETRIEVE today, but when I noticed the incorrect REUSEDELAY, it was about an hour beyond the actual HH:MM:SS that would be exactly 8 days.

My question is, how often does DRM recalculate which volumes are to be returned, via the REUSEDELAY, and set those volumes to VAULTRETRIEVE? It's been about 30 minutes since I made the change but there are no changes to the VAULT volumes that are now 8 days & 1.5 hours beyond their PENDING_DATE so they should now be in a VAULTRETRIEVE state but are still VAULT. Am I just being impatient? :-D

***UPDATE - Yes I was impatient. It did it about 50 minutes after I updated REUSEDELAYs
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ADSM.ORG Senior Member
That calculation happens during expiration.
However, It seems to me that when I did something similar, the delay was assigned at the moment of transition, so that the pending state lasted through the previous reusedelay, and in fact the volumes that went pending the following day went to vaultretrieve before the ones that went pending right before the change.
One thing you can do is to go ahead and call the pending tapes back a day early so they're in your hands the day they are eligible for reuse, instead of waiting another day for the courier to bring them back.

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