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DRM - checkout issue



Environment is all AIX, TSM 6.3.2 library manager and library client. TS3500 library using standard I/O hopper (no Virtual I/O)
The library manager services about 5 library clients.

A colleague of mine emailed me this morning to ask me to look at a problem they had yesterday, and its left me baffled.

basically they do "move drmedia * wherestate=MOUNTABLE tostate=VAULT source=dbs WAIT=yes remove=bulk" and use the cmd and cmdf options.

So as expected checkouts began for all the eligble tapes

However, although the library manager checked out the tapes (eventually , there was a delay as the I/O hopper was full, which is not unusual there) , the library client never acknowledged these check outs, i.e there were no messages along the lines of

28/05/13 08:35:41 ANR6697I MOVE DRMEDIA: CHECKOUT LIBVOLUME for volume
B00923L5 in library TS3500 completed successfully.

Hence, the tapes were not sent to VAULT. Then TSM tried to use them and over a short period all of the tapes were set to unavailable as obviously the library manager couldn't mount them.

The only error on the library client was

27/05/13 10:57:46 ANR0985I Process 806 for MOVE DRMEDIA running in the
FOREGROUND completed with completion state FAILURE at
10:57:46. (SESSION: 367225, PROCESS: 806)
27/05/13 10:57:46 ANR1893E Process 806 for MOVE DRMEDIA completed with a
completion state of FAILURE. (SESSION: 367225, PROCESS:

The library manager shows no errors , apart from one tape it couldn't checkout because it was in use and the I/O full messages.

I've asked my colleague how often this happens as I don't think this is a one off. Today everything was fine and worked as it should.

I just wondered if anyone else has come across anything like this ??

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ADSM.ORG Senior Member
You should see similar on a library client;
R6696I MOVE DRMEDIA: CHECKOUT LIBVOLUME for volume G04849L4 in library LIBRARY1 starting.
ANR0408I Session 62288 started for server TSM1 (AIX) (Tcp/Ip) for library sharing.
ANR0409I Session 62288 ended for server TSM1 (AIX).
ANR6697I MOVE DRMEDIA: CHECKOUT LIBVOLUME for volume G04849L4 in library LIBRARY1 completed successfully.
ANR6683I MOVE DRMEDIA: Volume G04849L4 was moved from MOUNTABLE state to VAULT.
ANR6682I MOVE DRMEDIA command ended: 1 volumes processed.


Those messages are not displayed on the library client... the same has happened again this morning

so taking one volume as an example, the library client shows

29/05/13 08:14:32 ANR2753I (DBADMIN_TSMGLC2): Volume Name: B01779L5
(SESSION: 390900)
29/05/13 08:14:55 ANR6696I MOVE DRMEDIA: CHECKOUT LIBVOLUME for volume
B01779L5 in library TS3500 starting. (SESSION: 390900,
29/05/13 08:14:55 ANR2753I (DBADMIN_TSMGLC2):for volume B01779L5 in library
TS3500 (SESSION: 390900)

and then nothing else,,

the library manager shows

29/05/13 08:16:04 ANR8867I Processing volume B01779L5 for the CHECKOUT
command. (SESSION: 951634)
29/05/13 08:16:16 ANR8829I Remove volume B01779L5 from slot 796 of library
TS3500 at your convenience. (SESSION: 951634)
29/05/13 08:16:16 ANR8438I CHECKOUT LIBVOLUME for volume B01779L5 in library
TS3500 completed successfully. (SESSION: 951634)

But it looks like the library manager is not informing the library client that the checkout has happened...

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