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Directory Container vs VTL


ADSM.ORG Senior Member
maybe I misunderstood my colleague but it looks like he can't configure/sell IBM VTL 7650 anymore so he asked me "What do you think if I give you storage space instead of a whole VTL?".
Where are talking of about 400TB of physical space (maybe a V7k) that would be attached to an IBM Power8 lpar with NPIV FC adapters. The "problem" is that I'm not confident with DC, I had to upgrade server many times (until 7.1.9) to reach a good confident point.

Is there someone out there that have any type of experience with really big DCs?
Will you be confident to use such big DCs?



ADSM.ORG Moderator
400 TiB is not big compared to what I have at 832 TiB.

Although I am not using this as DC, the mechanisms should be the same as either VTL or NFS. Thus, using this should be no different than VTL except for some command changes.
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ADSM.ORG Senior Member
Sorry Moon but I didn't understand your post.

I have to add 400TiB to my TSM environment: 3 AIX servers, 1 7650G (400TiB on V7K with 5:1 dedup) and 1 TS3500 with 8 LTO6 drives.
First we thought to MES the VTL and double the space as we are satisfied with it in terms of dedup (5:1) and speed (>1GiB/sec) but, as I wrote before, it looks impossible.

So, here we are, I have to add 400TiB (physical, as we hope to reach 4:1 dedup) to the environment and it looks like SP is going to Directory Containers.
We had so many problems (server crashes) with a small server with just a DC primary pool that, finally, we had to upgrade the server and start from scratch with a clean database, luckily it was a target for node replication so it was not a big problem.

That's why I'm not confident with DCs and I asked for experiences about them.


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