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Deleting old backups from replication server

We are running SP 8.1.8 on Linux on a primary backup server and the same version on replication server; Old policy domain for a certain client was for 90 day retention and we changed it to 14 day retention on both primary and replication server but data is not expiring, not fast enough. Replication server's storage is getting full and we need quick action; how would one delete backups of a certain client from replication server, from certain date to certain date, to delete all backups prior to 14 days past and keep those that are less than 14 days old? Note that we do not want to do manual deletion of client's data on a primary server but on replication server only.
ON replication server:

Old policy domain, (default) management class and copy group:
Retain Only Version: 90 Retain Extra Versions: 90, Versions Data Deleted: NO limit, Versions Data Exist: no Limit

New policy domain, (default) management class and copy group:
Retain only version: 14, Retain Extra Version: 14, Version Data Deleted: No limit, Version data Exist: no limit

WE want to delete old backups of a certain node from a replication server, older than 14 days
First make sure new policy sets have been activated both on source and target.

If DISSIMILARPOLICIES is enabled, then you should run expiration on target, if not , files will be deleted on target next time replication occurs.

Although 14 days is way shorter than 90 days, you may still have lots of backup versions due to VEREXISTS and VERDELETED being set to NOLIMIT. You should review these values unless they reflect some business requirements.
Further explanation: both primary and replication policy domain for a particular node had been changed to already existing policy domain, policy set, management class, copy group on both primary and replication server; primary server has plenty of storage while replication is critically low and I need to find a way to clear backups older than 14 days on replication server; note that policy domains are identical as are active policy sets, managements classes, copy groups, so no dissimilar policies in this case; my understanding is that by changing policy domain, active policy set, management class, copy group to 14, 14 from 90, 90, backups older than 14 days would be tagged for deletion and then removed after expiration is run on the server but that is not happening and I need manual way to clean up some backups older than 14 days to make room on replication server; I am unable to find anything in manuals or on the internet;

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The Spectrum Protect TLA (Three-Letter Acronym): ISP or something else?

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