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Mar 2, 2017
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We have an testlab, that we was testing tiering to Azure cloud stgpools, using tiering rules.
This turned out to work very well, untill an Administrator deleted the storage blob in Azure...

Since its only a test lab, we want to simply destroy the data at the Cloud pool, but have failed to do so...

We have done the following:
delete stgpool AZURE (says there is still data in the container)
audit container stgpool=AZURE action=markdamaged
deleted the tiering rule
Changed the copy grp to only store 30 days of data, since all over 30 days will be synced to Azure

Isnt there a way, to delete the stgpool in ISP, since we cant access it anymore?
We are aware, that all data that is stored in Azure, will be lost.
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Yup i tried that, but it seems that the containers are not getting marked as damaged.
output from q container stgpool=AZURE format=detailed

Container: 9b57760150c111/100030007-000000000000b19e.ccf
Storage Pool Name: AZURE
Container Type: Cloud
Free Space(MB):
Maximum Size(MB):
Approx. Date Last Written: 6/22/19, 15:09:02
Approx. Date Last Audit:
Cloud Type: AZURE
Cloud URL:
Cloud Object Size (MB): 2
Space Utilized (MB): 2
Data Extent Count: 1,955
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What's the full commands you used for the audit?
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Run the following commands:

audit container stgpool=AZURE action=markdamaged
audit container stgpool=AZURE action=removedamaged

Is that what you are looking for?
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Yes, that should have worked as long as both processed finished successfully and that the first one finished before you issue the second command. However, you will only be able to delete the stgpool after the reuse delay has elapsed if it's not zero.

Did you update the stgpool with access=destroyed prior to the 2 audit commands?

And after the 2 audits, it will take a little while for background processes to actually delete the containers. Once all the containers are gone, then you should be able to delete the pool.
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It actually started deleting the containers now (or it seems so)

TSM01> q process 42823
Storage pool AZURE, Damaged Objects Deleted: 8183163, Damaged Objects Skipped: 0.

I dont seem to have an option, to update the stgpool to access destroyed
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After 4-5 delete process runs, it worked after all - the cloud pool is now gone :)