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Debian clients will not perform a "Classic Restore" to server 7.1.4

I recently upgraded our TSM server from 6.3 to 7.1.4. The upgrade went well and everything on the server side is functioning properly. The one problem I cannot solve is that we have several Debian clients, they cannot perform a "Classic Restore" from the newly upgraded server. Previously when the server was 6.3, I could restore files from Debian in either No Query Restore mode or Classic mode without any problems. Now with the server at 7.1.4, all of my Debian clients can no longer do a "classic restore", but can only perform a "No Query Restore".

Anytime I try to do a classic restore, I immediately get this error back on the client:
ANS4035W File '<filename>' currently unavailable on server.

In the activity log I get:
ANR0406I Session 1106 started for node <nodename> (Linux x86-64) (Tcp/Ip <servername>(55774)).
ANR0403I Session 1106 ended for node <nodename> (Linux x86-64).

It's not trying to mount an unavailable volume or anything like that. It just does nothing.

Now, if I use a wildcard to restore the entire directory that the file I want is in, it forces a no query restore, and I get the file back no problem. (Along with everything else that I asked for with the wildcard).

Things I have tried:
Yes, I can do both classic restores and NQR from Red Hat just fine.
I have tried several different versions of Debian with no difference.
I have tried restoring from Debian on a VM and on a physical machine, both do not work.
I have tried installing the TSM client from both the .deb files directly from IBM, and using alien to install the RPMs.
I have tried the 6.3 client (alien install) , the 6.4 client (alien install) and the 7.1.3 tsm clients (both alien and .deb from IBM). Same thing, it does not work.
Incremental backups and all other client functions appear to work just fine.

I am wondering if anyone else has either run into this issue, has successfully restored a classic restore from a Debian client, or has any ideas that might help.


Thanks for the idea of trying an upgrade. I upgraded the server yesterday to, but it still exhibits the same issue. I will have to figure out how to open a PMR. If you could believe it, I've been using TSM for 10 years now and have never had to open a PMR. Usually a quick search of adsm.org will fix any problem! (Because it was me who made the mistake). Thanks again! --Dean
For anyone else who might find this thread useful, it appears that there is a problem with the 7.1.? server sending a tape prompt back to debian clients on a restore. If you use the dsmc restore -tapeprompt=no option, classic restores work! Hopefully IBM will fix this bug, (I shared my findings in a PMR) but in the meantime I have a workaround. Hurray!

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