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DataMover paths for 3-way NAS backup to library attached to TSM server


I am having difficulty configuring DataMover paths from NAS filer (NetApp) to drives of the SCSI tape library attached to TSM server. My understanding is that these paths must be defined for NAS backup via 'backup node' command. So I tried to define one such path, using device name /dev/IBMtape0 from current library setup. However I get the failure, saying that device name is invalid:

tsm: RHTSM71A>def path netapp1 TAPEDRIVE_28 srct=datamover desttype=drive library=sep01 device=/dev/IBMtape0
ANR1737E DEFINE PATH: Device name /dev/IBMtape0 specified is invalid.
ANS8001I Return code 3.

Since device name is valid, I suspect that I am executing wrong command. Unfortunately TSM documentation (TSM 7.1 Administrator's Reference) doesn't help (or perhaps I am missing something).

In few examples on this site it is suggested that drive path uses device name as it is known to NAS filer:

But in my case the tape library is attached to TSM server and NAS filer doesn't see tape drives. If NAS filer must see the tape drives of the library attached to TSM server, what is the reason for that?

Thanks in advance,


I found this in online TSM documentation:


  • If the library is connected to NAS file server, make a SCSI or Fibre Channel connection between the NAS file server and the library robotics and drives.
So TSM does require connecting drives to the NAS file server.

So my question remains.

Is it to enforce partitioning of drives of library attached to TSM server - between TSM server and NAS server?

So even though NDMP tape service running on TSM server will be writing to the tapes mounted on the *NDMP* drives, they must be connected to NAS server.
Perhaps that also means that the NAS server will be executing NDMP SCSI pass through commands to mount and unmount the *NDMP* tape drive after a tape is loaded to it by NDMP tape service running on TSM server.


Active Newcomer
storage show tape
sysconfig -t

run on the nas to get device names (rst0a etc)
The data goes straight to tape, only metadata / control path data go to tsm server

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