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Clustered SQL backup - Always on Node?



Can you explain me what the Always on Node means?
I have an sql cluster (win 2019-SQL 2017), with 10 instance. I would like to backup all instance on different name.
When i start the wizard, it asked me for the always on node...We did not set any mirroring between clusters. It is only a cluster.
I use 3 node for backup/instance...1st is the file level backup (e.g.:XXX-XXX), 2nd is the sql node which hold the sql db backups(xxx-xxx-SQL) and proxy node for the scheduler (which is proxy node for the SQL node - XXX-XXX-SQL-PROXY). Every config file are placed on the cluster disk which is belong to the instance. Schedulers are set. I have to run legacy backups!

If i ran the wizard and set everything (i think i have made some mistake ) i got error message :

Error: RC: 432
ACO0501E Invalid Proxy Configuration Detected: Target Node 'xxx-xxx-SQL' is not listed as a valid node to proxy to for Node Name 'XX-SQL02'.
At Get-DpSqlBackup -Private -Name * -AllTypes -COMPATibilityinfo -FROMSQLserver SQL-XX\<instance name> -QUERYNode DP -ConfigFile "C:\Program Files\Tivoli\tsm\TDPSql\tdpsql.cfg" -TsmOptFile "C:\Program Files\Tivoli\tsm\TDPSql\dsm.opt"
InvalidResult: (Capability.Impl....Sql.SqlContext:SqlContext) [Get-DpSqlBackup], Exception

xxx-xxx-SQL= node is the node which hold the SQL db backup
XX-SQL02= the cluster node which hold all instance (server)

Can you tell me how i should set this backup?....and the always on node...I have already read everything and saw all tsm video...

If you are configuring Data Protection for SQL Server with SQL
Server 2012 or later versions, enter a node name in the AlwaysOn
Node field. This node name is used when the availability databases
are backed up in an AlwaysOn Availability Group."...

Thank you for your help!


Just on more thing...

If i want to set the parameters manually and dont run the wizards, i cannot see the instances in the FCM.


The 8.1.7 dp for db always need 'always on node' parameter, despite the mssql cluster did not configure for replication or AAG. (bug? or feature?) ...(The tdp 7.1 dont ask you for it if the db does not have replica)
If you set it with only config files, It will run perfectly!

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