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Changing TSMVE Connection to VCenter


Hello all,

So we've recently upgraded our VCenter Environment from vcenter 5 to vcenter 6 and with doing that, we changed our vcenter server from a physical host to a new virtual host, with a new IP and hostname. With this, I needed to change the TSMVE Vcenter plugin to show up on the new host's vSphere client.

I followed the steps outlined here, however adapting them for Linux since our TSMVE environment is installed on CentOS:


The TSMVE plugin now shows up correctly on the new vcenter vSphere client, however when we try to access it, we get the message:

GVM2019E An error occurred processing user permissions. Contact you system administrator.

I created a user "tsmve" that has administrative in vSphere and all my data mover nodes seem to be working properly, as I am able to manually run a VM backup from command line.

However the web interface still seems to point to the old VCenter and I cannot schedule any automated backups. So am not sure where else I need to change configs to point to our new VCenter.

We are running TSM 7.1.1 on CentOS 6.5

Thanks in advance for your help


I've found that I needed to upgrade our TSM for VE Client to 7.1.4 to register properly with VCenter 6. The VCenter plugin and Web gui seem to work now, however there seems to be an issue with communicating with the Data Center nodes. I'm not able to schedule any VM backups because we gui is telling me that there is no node mapped to the data center. When I go the configuration page on the web gui, I get a:

"DataCenter1" does not map to any Tivoli Storage Manager datacenter node. Edit the Data Mover Nodes configuration to set the mapping.

I then run the Configuration Wizard, and try to re-map the node to the data center, but it seems that the settings do not save and I have to re-map the node all over again. Do I have to recreate the data center nodes again in order for TSM for VE to recognize them? Also, the command line works fine for manual backups and can communicate with both VCenter and the TSM Server as normal.

Also, I checked the vmcliprofile in /opt/tivoli/tsm/tdpvmware/common/scripts and all the information there is correct. It seems like the web gui is not reading the info from vmcliprofile for some reason.

Thanks for any help in advance.
We recently went throught this also, because of the switch from Vcenter 5 to Vcenter 6. here is what i had to do on a windows tsmve server to switch vcenters.

  1. Modify the vmcliConfiguration.xml file on the tsmve server to show the correct vcenter
    1. C:\IBM\tivoli\tsm\tdpvmware\webserver\usr\servers\veProfile\tsmVmGUI\vmcliConfiguration.xml
  2. Modify all of the dsm*.opt files on the tsmve server to show the correct VMCHOST
    1. C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\baclient
  3. Register the new vcenter with tsm.
    1. open up an admin command prompt on the glstsmve server, and change directories to
    2. C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\baclient
  4. the enter the following command with the correct vcenter name and password for the service account.
    1. dsmc set password -type=vm vcenter_name domain\service_account password
Hope this helps


Thanks for your help, but we ended up creating entirely new data center nodes for the new vcenter, and then ran a full, then incremental backup for all the VMs that backup to those nodes. That's probably not a very efficient way of doing it, but it ended up working out.

However, if we need to change vcenters again, your suggestion will be the technique that we try.

Thanks again so much for your help!

I know this has been awhile ago but wanted to ask Todd, if he had to upgrade the TSM Client for VE.
I did all the other steps (steps 1 - 4) but I am still getting the: GVM2019E An error occurred processing user permissions. Contact you system administrator.

TSM Server OS: Windows 2012 R2
TSM Server version: 7.1.1
TSM for VE 7.1.0100
TSM Client 7.1.2
vSphere client version - 6.0.0
vStorage Backup Server OS - Windows 2008 R2

I can see all VM when using the backup archive client and when logging in to the vSphere Client.
My issue is just with the GUI.

Thanks for any assistance

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