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Capacity licensing experience trueup questions


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Nov 13, 2011
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Hi everyone,

last year we moved from PVU license to capacity based (unified recovery suite) with around 1.8PB on primary tape pools.

We estimated growth to put us around 2.4PB on primary tape, due to some unforeseen growth we ballooned out to 3.4PB - when this was highlighted to the business we took steps to reduce this down to close to expected growth.

(Purging old legacy data no longer required, removing surplus exchange backups, adjusting SQL retention etc...)

IBM asked us to run the license macros to get a feel for what we would be at, as this was during the data clean up it showed us being at the much higher usage rate - we made this clear that we where currently reducing data.

IBM are now billing for that capacity even though we have dropped the total pool down to 2.5PB (or within our expected growth) and are refusing to budge on pricing.

Is anyone out there able to shed light on what the true-up process / licensed capacity checks have been like for your environment?

Did you have a single once year true-up date that the macros are run?

Did you have to stay on the ball 100% of the time and force your TSM environment to stay within licensed, even though there is nothing in the software to warn / advise of that license limit?

We have already started moving some product backups away from TSM because it cannot meet the business requirements (exchange with grandfather, father, son retention for instance) and I fear this will be a very very big cross against TSM and might see us after reviewing the product.

Any input here very welcomed.

Cheers :)

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