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Backup STGPOOL always full



It looks like the BACKUP STGPOOL command run as an incremental backup always. Is there any way to force the TSM so the next BACKUP STGPOOL will be a complete backup of the original STORAGE POOL?

We are planning to checkout every COPY STGPOOL volumes (weekly) as a way to protection in case of disaster, and we'd like a complete STG backup in every tapes set.

Thanks in advance.


ADSM.ORG Moderator
That's not how TSM is designed and it would be a waste of time and tapes to do weekly full backup stgpool. Not to mention the added exposure by just sending copy tapes offsites weekly instead of daily.

The typical implementation with tape has the following 24 hour cycle:
- clients do backup in evening/night
- morning you do backup stgpool
- followed by backup DB
- copy pool tapes and db backup tape are sent offsite in vault
- copy pool tapes that were reclaimed are recalled to be checked in as scratch
- afternoon you run expiration, reclamation and migration
- ready to start another evening.

In the event of a disaster, you use your latest DB backup and tapes from offsite to recover the TSM Server.

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