Availability groups schedule sometimes skipped


Oct 12, 2010
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PREDATAR Control23

I have an a SQL Availability Group. The backups are are working however i think i might have missed something in the setup as it is sometimes giving me the following message on the replica:

04/12/2019 08:03:01 ANS1814E Unable to start the scheduled event 'SQL_LOG_BACKUP_00'
04/12/2019 08:03:01 ANS1815E Either the window has elapsed or the schedule has been deleted

At the same time on the primary i get a message that the schedule ran but didn't backup the availability database because it was not the replica which i would expect

I have the sql scheduler service installed on both nodes in the group using the same TSM node. I have the sql settings to prefer the secondary replica for backups.

What i think is happening is that the schedule runs on the primary and completes with out doing anything so when the replica goes to run it sees that the backup for that scheduled time was already completed. If i just disable the service on primary the backups run on the replica everytime with no issue. But from my understanding i should be able to have the service running on both so the there is a failover the backups will run ont the secondary replica.

Any sugguestions would be appreciated.