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Anyone deployed SPP of any size?


ADSM.ORG Senior Member
Just starting to play around with SPP. Not seeing a lot of posts in this forum. Is anyone using SPP in their enterprise? Any issues switching from the baclient to this new agentless version?


ADSM.ORG Moderator
Before anything else, if your environment is near 100% virtualized, SPP can help you well. Below is the low-down based on what I have experienced with it.

Advertised specifics says "deploy in minutes". True but to be productive, you need to know that you need a block storage device that SPP can write to.

IBM has specific storage mentioned under their recommendations tab. If you use one of these recommended storage, you are 80% there. Writing to a device like Data Domain does not work!

File level restore from Images works.

Intitial releases had issues doing inventory from remote locations, or even at near locations. This has been corrected since then.

If you are a 100% IBM SP shop, and has bulk licensing that fully covers SPP cost, go for it as long as you have the right block storage behind the SPP proxies. Works faster than TSM4VE.


ADSM.ORG Senior Member
We do have the SP Suite license which include SPP. Just installed v10.1.4 and am kicking the tires. Am interested to see how the SQL backups are done in SPP. Thanks for the reply Moon-buddy.
"File level restore from Images works."

But only if you activate File indexing.
And SPP server must have access to the VM guest OS, through network (FQDN) , as an administrator user .


ADSM.ORG Moderator
We do have the SP Suite license which include SPP. Just installed v10.1.4 and am kicking the tires. Am interested to see how the SQL backups are done in SPP. Thanks for the reply Moon-buddy.
If SQL runs on a VM and the SQL DB is also on a datastore, you can use SPP but the backup (I believe this is what I was seeing) is crash consistent but not application consistent. If there is a way, and I have not experimented on this, to halt the DB at point of backup, then the backup would be crash and application consistent.

I would still prefer to run SQL backups the traditional SP and TDP way which is both crash and application consistent.
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Actually the SQL DB would be recoverable to the point in time of the SPP backup if you use only the SPP for VMware option which is different than being crash consistent (same thing was implemented in SP4VE using VMware tools). If you want the SQL DB to be recoverable to 'any' point in time (i.e. roll forward) then you need to add the TDP for SQL (again - same as SP4VE). Or you can use the SPP SQL support for SQL applications which basically replaces the need for TDP for SQL.

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