Any way to capture entire dsmc help to a file?


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Oct 30, 2019
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If you're using the interactive help in the dsmc command, it can be arduous to find and search for strings. Is there some way to just dump the entirety of all of that to an output file so I can use grep and/or vi on it and not have to horse around with figuring out which silly category something is under? For example, where is the use of braces discussed, e.g. q backup "{/var}/tmp"? Is that even in there? Maybe, but I didn't find it, but I can't be certain it's not if I can't just search on it.
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You can access the PDFs here and search in them:

Chapter 11 has all the options
Chapter 12 has all the commands

Page 176 of the Windows 8.1.12 gives an example:


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Thank you, Marclant :) That is a big boon. And, yes, I see the discussion regarding the use of braces for Stored files as noted in my other post: "How on earth do I fix this?". This is like finally realizing the pen/pencil that you've been searching for for the last half hour is still behind your ear.