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Any default encryption for TSM server??

Conclude that the TSM encryption can categories by two types: 1) Software/application layer encryption 2) Hardware layer encryption (Tape drive).

1) Does TSM has any data protection other than this two? Does TSM has default encryption if we never configure any setting to enable the software/application and there are no license key bought for hardware layer to do encryption?

2)If a software/application was configured or installed on the server, how can we check it? (e.g Maybe there are some files or command able to show it and please show me the way to check whether is the encryption enable or not to protect the data)

3) Can you tell me where are these files and what are their content about:
- Dsm.sys
- Dsm.opt

And What do INCLUDE.ENCRYPT and EXCLUDE.ENCRYPT statements mean? Where are them?
And last question is which file content the “encryptkey” and “encryptiontype” parameter?


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Answer 1: None that I am aware of...

Answer 2: run the "query status" and look for the field

Answer 3: I would recommend to help yourself with some redbook first. Btw, your last question and last two statements are answering each other to some extent....

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can anyone tell me what is the step to restore the data from tape?
Let say that if the tape lost, even the catalog tape also lost together with it.
so any possible the outsider able to retrieve the data using both of the tape?

(as i know that the encryption key will store inside the catalog and backup to a tape)<<(correct?)

is it the catalog only can retrieve by particular account inside a same TSM server? so different TSM server different account and password. so do it make sense that the outsider unable to retrieve data which different from the original server?

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