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I'am new with TSM and I have to recover data from archive

When I try to recover with dsmj on the client , i ve got the message ;
ANS5042E Données de fichiers actuellement indisponible sur le serveur TSM ... (yes , the serer is configure in french ...)

When i try to recover with the commande dsmc retrieve -desc=" xxxxx" source destination, i've got the probleme with accent in the description and it fail to launch the command.

When I look the log on the server , i ve got the message

ANR9024E There are no drives available.(SESSION: 157446)
09/07/2019 15:00:17 ANR0567W Retrieve or restored failed for session 157446
for node XXXX (Linux x86-64) - insufficient mount
points available to satisfy the request. (SESSION:

I admit to have problem to analyse the problem.
The files are normally on disks pool

TSM version is Version 7, Edition 1

Any help to help me to diagnose and solve my problem will be



ADSM.ORG Moderator
How many tape drives are there in the library?
Are all the drives being used?

Is the TSM Server hosted on a Windows os?
If so TSM does not co-exist very well with Windows RSM.
Check that the RSM service is not started and is disabled.
If it is started, stop it and disable it

On the TSM Server check that the all drives and paths are on line - q drive, q path.
If the drive(s) and/or the path(s) are off line, update the drive(s) and/or path(s) on line.
To get the full syntax, on the TSM Server issue "help update drive" and "help update path".

If the drive(s) and/or paths were off line and the results are still the same.
Check the TSM Server actlog for additional error(s).
Also, check the os error log and see why the os can not communicate with the tape drive(s).

Good Luck,

Thanks a lot.

The path of my drive of all my drive were off line !!!
I launch the command for putting them on line and try to restore with dsjm .---> no problem :)

In fact, the goal is to recover datas with higth retention from TSM before using a new solution of backup ....

Whatever , thank you

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