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ANR4588E A database backup configuration might be incorrect.



The issue is as follows:
* Online database backups not working
* actlog messages (in order):
ANR2280I Full database backup started as process 2
ANR8340I FILE volume T:\DBBACKUP\29086175.DBV mounted
ANR0513I Process 2 opened output volume T:\DBBACKUP\29086175.DBV
ANR1360I Output volume T:\DBBACKUP\29086175.DBV opened
ANR4626I Database backup will use 1 streams for processing with the number originally requested 1
ANR4588E A database backup configuration might be incorrect
ANR8531W Deletion of FILE volume T:\DBBACKUP\29086175.DBV from file system did not complete successfully (1KB .dbv files are left behind every failed db backup attempt)
ANR1361I Output volume T:\DBBACKUP\29086175.DBV closed
ANR0515I Process 2 closed volume T:\DBBACKUP\29086175.DBV
ANR0985I Process 2 for Database Backup running in the BACKGROUND completed with completion state FAILURE
ANR1893E Process 2 for Database Backup completed with a completion state of FAILURE
* db2diag errors when the dbbackup failed:
Vendor error: rc = 30 returned from function sqluvint.
Return_code structure from vendor library C:\PROGRA~1\Tivoli\TSM\db2\bin\db2tsm.dll
Media controller -- Generic error
SQL2079N An error was reported by the shared library "". Return code: ""
SQL2079N An error was reported by the shared library "C:\PROGRA~1\Tivoli\TSM\db2\bin\db2tsm.dll". Return code: "30"

Things tried/checked:
* Offline db backup works
* Everything (db2diag log message, actlog message, trace logs) match exactly as described here: http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg22009265 but the solution did not work (used dsmcutil as dsmsutil was unavailable)
* The server was not accessed (no updates, no client install/reinstall etc) at the time the issue occurred
* Tried upgrading the client on the TSM server from 8.1.2 to 8.1.4 with no change in the issue
* Double-checked everything here: https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/SSGSG7_7.1.6/srv.install/t_srv_prep_dbmgr-windows.html, db2set and windows environment variables seem to be correct when compared to working system with same versioned setup
* No issues with permissions, double-checked and tested permissions with db2 and tsm service account to archlog, archlog failover, db and database backup directories
* There are plenty of free space for the archlog, archlog failover, db, database backup destination
* NTFS seems to be clean on all directories, checked with chkntfs
* Database backup devclass max file size is more than 3x the database size
* Everything else seems to be working (file based backups, vm backups, volhistory and defconfig file backups with admin schedule)

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks In Advance.

Teet Saar.


Patch your BA client on the server, to version
Hello, currently after the Client update ->, the full database backup seems to be working.

Thank You Mita201!

Teet Saar.

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