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After Replication, what needs to do to bring up VM's at DR


As I understand, we can use Node Replication to replicate changes to DR site. However, after that, what do I needs to do to bring up all VMware VM's up from ESXi at DR site?


ADSM.ORG Moderator
If the primary Spectrum Protect Server is down, the clients will automatically connect at the secondary (DR) site and you restore your VMs as usual, but from the secondary site instead of the primary.


ADSM.ORG Moderator
That's not the purpose of Node Replication. Node replication just brings data from the primary Spectrum Protect Server to the secondary Spectrum Protect Server.

And your Spectrum Protect for VE client can connect to the primary only for backup purpose and to either one for restore purposes. I haven't worked for VE in a while, but if you can do what you are looking for when connected to the primary server, then you can also do it from the secondary server.

I'm not familiar enough with Spectrum Protect Plus, that may do what you are looking for, but I don't know.
I think if you have another Vcenter at your DR and you need to restore the data their from the replication server ,my thoughts will be like the below :
1- build a data mover machine using the DR replicated node name
2- you may need to remove the replication relationship at some point
3 - register the DM with the vCenter there ,
"dsmc set password -type=vm vcenter.mycompany.xyz.com <administrator> <password1> "
4- make sure all the needed nodes have been created and have the correct proxy relationship
5- test the restoration
that would be my plan if I were in your shoes


You are basically right mahmoudkafafi. Some of the tricky points I've run into are when the vSphere DC names at the DR site are not the same as the source site. SP4VE is pretty tolerant but I have at times had to create 'fake' vSphere DC names at the DR site to to match up with multiple vSphere DC names (for example - multiple VM DCs being recovered into a single VM DC) - that may have been present at the source site. You will also have to reset all the passwords for the DMs on your DR SP server and the DR DMs if you set the DR DMs up ahead of time which I would recommend.

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