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Admin password to add Spoke


Hi All,

I am completely new to TSM. I come from a Netbackup world where everything was menu driven. This is a tough learning curve for me.


I am trying to add a spoke server and I get a message that the administrator password is wrong:

ANRG0121E: Your administrator name or password if not valid for the specified IBM Spectrum Protect server.

I tried the password i log into TSM with, I tried the Instance password, I tried the system administrator password. Nothing works. What am I missing?

Thank you for taking time to read and help !



ADSM.ORG Senior Member

Are you able to tell us what version of TSM or Spectrum Protect you are using for both Hub and Spoke servers? Ideally both should be at the same level, including the OC version.

Before you are able to define a Spoke server you have to define server to server relationships between the Hub Server and the Spoke.

If you look up 'TSM DEFINE SERVER' or 'Spectrum Protect DEFINE SERVER' including the versions you're using into google, you should find what you're looking for.

I would post a link here for you but without knowing what version you're on I wouldn't want to send you down the wrong path.. i.e Security between servers has changed somewhat in the more recent versions compared to the older ones.


Hi , both are 8.1 . I did the Define server portion. But when I right click and say "Monitor Spoke " - this is where i get the error. I Copied the keys too between both servers.


i used the define server command to add the spoke. I used the password I used to log into OC on the spoke. Still does not work. I will create a new admin and try. Is there a way to mention a user name in the define server command ? Which user does it take by default ?


ADSM.ORG Senior Member
If your define server settings are correct and there is legitimate communications between the two servers, then from the HUB Server (OC), logged in as the IBM-OC-<Servername> account you should be able to monitor the Spoke server using those credentials.

Do you know what the password for the IBM-OC-Servername account is? It would've been defined at the point the OC was installed and configured.


ADSM.ORG Senior Member
If you do a 'Q Admin' from the Hub server it should be listed. From there, so long as you're logged in with an account with 'System' privileges, you should be able to change it's password.
Then login to the OC with the IBM-OC-<Servername> credentials and try monitoring the spoke again?

Is this the first and only Spoke server you're attempting to connect to via the OC?

If that's the case then I would be inclined remove the IBM-OC-Servername admin from the Hub, uninstall the OC and run through the install and configuration wizard again, where it will re-setup the IBM-OC-<Servername> admin from scratch for use on both the Hub and all subsequent Spoke servers.

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