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    Thumbs down Migration from Netbackup

    Hi guys,

    Is there is anybody who has already madea migration from Veritas NetBackup to TSM ?
    Is there is a procedure ?

    Comebody can help me ?

    thanks for your help


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    I don't think this at all possible.

    These two systems are very different: direct migration can't be done as far as I know.

    Years ago, we had Net Backup and decided to go TSM. What we did is migrate our data from the old Novell servers to Windows 2000 and run TSM to backup the Windows 2000 servers. We left the Novell servers up and running for sometime until no request for file restores on the Novell servers came in.

    We restored Novell files to the Novell servers, and eventually moved the data to the Windows 2000 servers since all users have now been mapped over to the Windows 2000 AD environment.

    Took about 6 months before we finally shutdown the Novell servers.
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    Thanks for your reply

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