Client Version 5, Release 3, Level 2.1 on Linux

we are running backups for about 60 automounted file systems from a single machine,

using options like:

AUTOMount /foo/bar

DOMAIN /foo/bar

and we consistently get the error:

"Filesystem /foo/bar is no automounted filesystem, ignoring option automount for this filesystem."

for each of these filesystems.

The total backup takes about one hour, and for all fs the log reports:

"Successful incremental backup of '/foo/bar'",

then about 3-4 minutes before the last of these "Successful .." messages,

the aforementioned error messages are logged.

I've searched for this on Google, but only found a link to an old message

(http://msgs.adsm.org/cgi-bin/get/adsm0209/886/1.html), and there was no solution

to the issue.

Anyone has a clue?